Weight Loss

People Try The Whole30 Elimination Diet

People Try The Whole30 Elimination Diet

People Try The Whole30 Elimination Diet

“I’m going to f***ing CRACK.”

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  1. Why did no one recap properly about their experience? Did the energy boost last? Has anyones digestion improved? Skin? Energy? This video is worthless

  2. Two majoy fails in this video. No re-introduction like whole30 suggests. No before and afters. I know it's not about the weigh ins or inches lost, but that's usually the most satisfying thing to hear about after the improved energy / changed perspectives on food. Most of them gave a very half-assed vibe about going through it. Maybe buzzfeed is wearing them out.

  3. None focus on what they could eat. You are eating real food and not junk. The book It Starts With Food is filled with science and what we put our bodies through. And no, it is not 30 days as a diet. It is to see how you react to things and changing how you eat for life.

  4. What a disappointment. You guys barely talked about how the diet actually physically affected you. Why did I even watch this ? Honestly !!!

  5. yep. Too well bred to the American Diet. Fast foods, junk, etc. Only one smart one in the video. LOL Good look at their thoughts. I commend that.

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