Weight Loss

People Share Weight Loss Tricks That Actually Work (r/AskReddit)

People Share Weight Loss Tricks That Actually Work (r/AskReddit)

People Share Weight Loss Tricks That Actually Work (r/AskReddit)

“[Serious] Which weight loss tricks actually worked for you?”
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  1. guys, can apps lie? I use YAZIO and weigh every bit of food i consume but for some reason i never get up to even 1000 cals! (usually 800-900), but i never feel hungry and have enough energy to get through the day. It's simply impossible, but i am losing weight pretty fast so I'm confused

    also fasting can go screw itself imho

  2. I eat three not big but not small meals everyday but for some reason it's always under 800 calories. It's not about how many calories but how much food. You might eat a lot and not amny calories but eat very little with many calories

  3. Just don’t restrict if you’re hungry just eat a bit and drink water. I know it’s hard feeling fat but starving will gain you more weight and dieting doesn’t work so please just keep in mind you need more water and vegetables in your life. Also sleep early, don’t get seconds, don’t snack wait till lunch or dinner and DONT EAT LATE AT NIGHT

  4. CICO is literally the only way lol, my friends asked me how I lost weight and still ate chocolate every day, I just ate around 80 calories worth of chocolate and got on with my day

  5. 0:47 shittiest tip i've ever fucking heard. yes, you'll obviously lose the weight. but once you start eating again, you'll gain all the weight back sometimes even more. do not do this.

  6. As someone who doesn't really like sodas
    Do people really drink it almost 24/7
    One of the only sodas i like is vanilla cola and i barely ever get those
    Doesn't help they disappeared

  7. What I do that doesn't work is that I eat a lot. Like more than I can handle. I can't throw up by myself so I drink Pepto bismal and throw up.

  8. For the person that was talking about the number perception thing… I usually round up not down.. for e.g.. while shopping… how I usually stay within my budget of let's say $20… A $1.70 and a $1.56 item are both rounded up to $2 each…. I do the same with calories, while keeping track of the actual calories separately in case I want a low calories snack… That 170 calorie donut is now 200 calories by my logic. Really helps with hidden calories

  9. Trying to save money actually once helped me to lose weight fast. I wasn't really obease and I wasn't actually trying to lose weight I was just increadibly broke and tried to keep below a verry Low budget every day. Therefore I cut out all of the sweets I was eating needlessly and this saved me a Lot of money and made me lose weight without even noticing it. If you think about it eating sweets is kind of Like smokeing cigarrets. You pay riddiculousely much money for something that only gives you a small Moment of pleasure and ultimatel, harms you.

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