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Pcos N Weight Loss : Signs and Symptoms of PCOS

Pcos N Weight Loss Video

Pcos N Weight Loss

Signs and Symptoms of PCOS

Signs and Symptoms of PCOS

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It’s a medical condition that affects seven to 10 percent of women—and it can start during adolescence. “PCOS is also called polycystic ovary syndrome. It’s a common endocrine condition in females. It’s associated with hormone imbalance,” explained Dr. Sujana Reddy, a pediatric endocrinologist with Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida.

The hormone imbalance can cause girls to have excess body hair, severe acne, and weight gain. “The girls with PCOS, they tend to make excess male hormones from their ovaries, and this causes a lot of signs and symptoms, such as menstrual irregularities,” she said.

PCOS Is also linked to insulin resistance. If PCOS is not managed in the early stages, long term health concerns can develop—things like type two diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, even anxiety, and depression.

“We check the male hormone levels in the blood, and we also screen for diabetes, check the cholesterol levels, insulin levels, and in some cases, we order a pelvic ultrasound,” said Dr. Reddy.

While the cause is unknown, doctors believe genetic and environmental factors could play a role. If a patient has PCOS, there are treatment options available. “The hormonal imbalance, like I said, the birth control pills take care of that. They decrease the testosterone levels, so they help with the symptoms like the acne, the facial hair,” Dr. Reddy said.

While PCOS is typically a lifelong condition, doctors say early treatment can help to manage the symptoms. “It is a very sensitive issue to talk to teenage girls about weight problems and PCOS symptoms, however, the earlier this discussion is, the better the outcome,” she said. Noticing the signs early can help girls get the treatment they need to restore their confidence and protect their health.

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  2. I can't take birth control. Family history has given me complications, and probably this ailment.

    I went to see Dr. Leo Chadwick, and told him my symptoms. We did an ultrasound and did not find any cysts. I still have symptoms. Now I have abdominal pain remaining after my last period. I'm so frustrated and heartbroken. What will this mean when I'm ready to have a child?

    I can't keep coming to doctors and having inconclusive results. I'm in debt for nothing!!!

  3. I have acne and weight gain but my periods are normal. And i have 7/8 facial hair. I have pcos or not? My doctor said i have symptoms what would i do? They recommend ultrasound and i have done it, report said there is very minor problem. What can i do? Take medicine or not??

  4. Is it possible that is self corrects and improves with age though? I just lost 20% of my body weight (simply because I was considered obese and didn't think that much weight on my body could be healthy) and my blood pressure dropped to normal levels (I was pre hypertensive technically), my cycles became more regular even faster then what aging was doing alone and all my other risk factors are all still normal.

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  6. Mam,I do have regular periods..but this month it is missed..my last lmp is March 9.Till now I didn't get my periods..I am really worried and scared of what was wrong in my body.. I am 25 only .. unmarried also..Please tell me for what reasons the period is missed..I m really scared of these pcos,pcod etc at all…kindly help me mam.

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