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NOOM APP Review | Watch This Before You Buy

NOOM APP Review | Watch This Before You Buy

NOOM APP Review | Watch This Before You Buy

UPDATE as of June 9, 2019– The company has continued to be in contact with me, and has proposed that I provide feedback on a regular basis with the intention of improving and streamlining their service. I will keep you updated with new videos as things progress.

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  1. Great job!!! You are costing them money…I was seriously thinking about using this product. Their lack luster customer service is costing them waaay more than $60.

  2. You need to call your credit card company and do a 3-party complaint. If your CC company gets the same bad behavior, they will make you whole financially and deal with the b2b crap with Noom.

  3. Thank you so much for the review. I was seriously thinking about signing up. It's a shame that they are like this, when there are so many people who really could use a good program to help them. Just glad a saved my money.

  4. I was in the process of signing up for Noom tonight and their website gave me some red flags. Their “free trial” turned into, “how much would you be willing to pay for a two week subscription? $1? 3? 10? $18.33?” How’d we go from free to any fee at all? And I still didn’t
    know exactly what I would be paying for.. so why would I agree to pay for anything? Their descriptions of the program are vague.. ok.. so the free trial should lift the veil of secrecy, right? But then I have to pay some arbitrary amount to learn about what I’m buying? Something is rotten here. And who would agree to pay $18.33 when there’s an option to pay only $1? Is this some kind of Jedi mind trick? And if they’re willing to charge $1, are they just laughing at all the good-hearted people opting to pay $18? But wait, the 15 minute countdown timer started. If I didn’t act IMMEDIATELY, I’d lose their offer! That’s when all the alarms went off and I decided to check for YouTube reviews.. this was the first video that came up on Google. I am sorry you have had such trouble with them, but THANK YOU for saving me the headache. Looks like my intuition was correct. This is a scam. I’d rather continue dieting on my own than deal with added stress of cancellations, bad service from uncaring employees, automated chat bots, and credit card disputes. MyFitnessPal and I will soldier on alone.

  5. If this has happened to enough people perhaps contact a class action attorney. No one gets much except the named plaintiff but it will make them stop their abuses.

  6. Thanks for this review. I was literally inputting my credit card information when I remembered to look for reviews and found your video. Whew, calamity avoided.

  7. Thank you – I was wondering about these guys too and smelt a rat… This sound like a scam, get as many people to sign up and signing up is so easy two clicks and you done. Cancelling is another story and only after the fact that they have taken some of your money – they will string you along as long as they can try to get a few months rebilling. And at the end of the day after all the fighting and trouble, you go through trying to cancel let alone get a refund you quite content to just be done with them and accept your losses. And that their business model Do that to enough people and they making millions !!! – stealing millions is more like it

  8. I am so glad I watch this minutes before I sign up! Totally changed my mind and tbh they are not that cheap either, Wouldn't wanna waste my money for this! thank you!!

  9. Oh my gosh thank you I was looking into doing this app and I looked up videos like these and saw your video and im so glad I did! This video was very straight forward and informing! Thank you so much!

  10. anything where they automatically bill you every month is likely to be a scam. I took a look at Noom and found them to be evasive about what they actually do.

  11. THANK YOU! I was but a '"click'" away from paying. They sell the program with this personalized jargon and this seems far from it. 😟

  12. I was a few clicks away from signing up on the website and I'm so glad I didn't. I had a funny feeling that it was going to be scammy. For starters the "profile" questions were very few and very vague. It felt like there was no way it could accurately profile a person to begin with. Anyway, I'm so glad I never click the payment button. Gross.

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