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My Weight Loss Journey so Far – Part 1 of 2

My Weight Loss Journey so Far – Part 1 of 2

My Weight Loss Journey so Far - Part 1 of 2

My Fitness Pal:
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Bmi Calculator:

Walking video: I do the first 5 minutes 2 times for a total of 10 minutes. 2 times a day at least. But based on your weight and activity adjust accordingly.

Squats: Do a little of this a day, you dont have to do the whole thing.

Some of The same Info:
For me I want to lose 2 pounds a week, so my calorie intake hould be 1200 but I do 1200 to 1260 to give myself room. Best thing to do is have 1 day of rest a week from exercise, if you do more rest its fine you dont have to exercise, but even doing 20 to 30 mins a day gives you energy! I do this walking video which I will link below, I do the first 5 minutes twice for a total of 10 minutes I did 3, 5 mins in a row. But its up to you. Depends on your schedule. best to wake up drink 2 1/2 8 ounces of water then do the walking video before you eat but its not a must. you can do it whever you have time. try to do at least 20 mins a day if u can. but even i slack off
If you only want to lose 1 pound a week then do 1500 to 1560 calories a day. But remember this if your not deicated to counting calories, this wont work. i use the my fitness pal app, that u can also you on your laptop. if you dont have access to the app while your out, take picture of the food with your cell or camera to calculate later. When you go out to eat its better to decide what your getting at home online, so you can see the calories in case they dont say at the resturant. Chnage I did is no sodas, they are high in calories. If you want u can start 1 a day then down to one a week. I used to do 1 a week but since i got away I dont care about them as much. I sip a few of my moms once a week but thats it.
When you do this you wont crave sweets as much. my friend told me high protien low carbs something like that. but right now I do not have money for all that. I just count calories. Best to invest in a food scale or cheap scale, also measuring cups and spoons. if you dont have those things lying around. And a scale, digital, it is best to weigh yourself as soon as you wake up before you use the restroom. And weight the same day every week, try to weigh yourself only once a week. But I do more sometimes. Also weigh your self nude so that the clothes wont fluctuate ur weight. At my heaviest i weighed 251.6 lbs that was on jun 5, 2015 and last weighed 227.8lbs on august 2, 2015 is 23.8 pounds in 8 weeks or 56days. Now everyone wont have the same results but if you do the 1200 a day every day you will lose 2 pounds a week. Try to spread your meals out and not eat just one big meal a day. its ok to eat one big meal every once in a while.
Also best to get a multivitamin if you can because if you dont eat the proper vegtables its not good for you. But since i dont have money I havent been doing that. You can see my fitness diary on my fitness pal… just add me its mysticeagle4. to give you examples. if you work, best to take time once or twice a week to measure out and make you meals and put in container. If you want you can do it daily but most find it easier to do it way in advanced. I have lost a little extra because of exercise and some days i take 1 pill of hydroxycut pro clinical with my biggest meal that day. the pills are 20 bucks. When I bought it at walmart they had a bonus of 90 pills instewad of 60. I will link the pills below.
But I dont take the pills all the time, i am this week to see how much they help. i have instagram i will link below, to show some of my meals.I have had a couple days I really ate to much, but I just remember how much I want this and get back on track. I have been overweight all my life. i will link a bmi calculator also… i went on the higher side for my height my goal is 150lbs to start, then when i get there i will decide if I need to lose more. I heard when you get smaller it gets harder, I will see in time. I do know as u lose weight u burn less calories! When you drink water make sure you try to hit you goal, add lemon or lime juice if you want. The more ice the better if you can. I am done if I remember more will do another video

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