Weight Loss

My Top 10 Tips For Losing Weight

My Top 10 Tips For Losing Weight

My Top 10 Tips For Losing Weight

My Top 10 Tips For Loosing Weight & Being Healthier!
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I get asked this a lot and I know many people have health related New Years Resolutions so I hope this video helps! These are some things that I’ve learned works well for me, but always remember to listen to your own body and do what is right for you!

*PS- I know the lighting gets progressively bad at this video goes on.. I filmed the talking part at 3:30 pm as the sun was slowly going down

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Hi! I’m Taylor, I’m originally from a small town near Toronto, Canada but now I’m currently living in Tokyo, Japan.☆ Agency: Satoru Japan ⭐︎ My channel is mostly lifestyle based, I love Daily Vlogs, DIYs, cooking, and just being happy & healthy! I also have a teacup poodle named Rosie that I love to bits!
こんにちは!テイラーです!私はモデルとブロガーです。私は今、日本に住んでいる! 私はヘア、メイク、健康, ファッション がだいすきです!そして私のいぬ!♡ モデル エージェンシー サトルジャパン ⭐︎

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*If you’re reading this, tell me what your tips/secrets are for optimal health?

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  1. I've been eating healthier and snack less for the past 2 weeks in combination with running and I lost almost 2kg (and yes I've had moments when I just had to snack). Although at the moment I'm having a hard time as I constantly keep thinking about cookies :')

  2. You can eat scrambled eggs mixed with chopped light string cheese if you get hungry before you go bed cause it’s high in protein and it’s a healthy snack to have if you can’t sleep on an empty stomach and its super delicious especially with the light string cheese mixed in with it.

  3. I constantly remind myself I’m not starving myself when I cut a plate in half (I used to be scared I’d become malnourished) because portions where I live are HUGE. As long as you’re stacking your plate with healthy, nutritious food you won’t go hungry.

  4. I'm obese at 78 kg I'm 180 cm and I have a light bone structure so my goal is 58-65 kg since I was between that weight 2 years ago. I fell into a great depression and didn't care for my health. Now I really regret it. If someone have any tips for me please let me know!

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