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my first two weeks on Zoloft (antidepressants)• 50mg

my first two weeks on Zoloft (antidepressants)• 50mg

my first two weeks on Zoloft (antidepressants)• 50mg

I was prescribed Zoloft 50 mg by my psychiatrist for my depression. I’ve been taking them for two weeks now and I thought i would be nice to do a review of any side effects so here’s my experience with zoloft.
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  1. Fuck this dude. I'm a major hypochondriac with severe anxiety and knowing all of the side effects of this medication is going to immediately make it worse. I can't take this risk.

  2. When I was 13 trying to escape the torment my father put me after parents divorce, the doctor was Quick to get my mom to opt in for Zoloft.
    I am wanting you all to keep very close eyes on what you prescribe your teenagers in the future..
    after a year And a half on it the one thing that stood out was it made me cry but at the same time it freezes your body to not be able to get thier anger out..the fire builds& builds inside of you when your being pushed and stressed and you can't act on it. Like go out and target practice or playing baseball gives an outlet when you are sad and hurting..but no matter what I did the anger never left my body so I resorted to breaking glasses. It makes your body have a tiny itch of anxiety until they increase the dose to make you vegetable like.
    Your brain may respond different though. my only other side effect was bad diarrhea.

  3. Honestly I have to smoke with it but no tobacco cause that’ll make u sick just paper or bong , u have to make sure you eat with it and I have a cysts smh omg I didn’t know about the stomach bleeding thank you so much for the warning

  4. I’m starting Zoloft tonight, as long as the side effects go away after a month or so, I can get over it. Tired of the constant ups and downs

  5. I took Zoloft during 4 weeks, this is the worst drug I had ever taken. I couldn’t keep on taking it : headache all the time, tinnitus, anger, I was tired all the time, but the worst thing was the stomacache. Now I’m supposed to start Effexor, I hope it’s gonna be alright

  6. I was prescribed 50mgs of Zoloft today, until I visit with a counselor. As of now, my doctor can only prescribe me medications for manic depression and anxiety. She is concerned that I may have a manic bipolar disorder or a schizoaffective disorder given all tjese conditions run in my family. I'm hoping this will keep suicidal thoughts and extreme anxiety away until i can be correctly diagnosed.

  7. It’s been a week since I been taking sertraline (Zoloft) and I been itchy lately and I would get a little rash on my leg foot and under my stomach sometimes on my hand but not often. Is the itchiness normal

  8. I've been on zoloft for about 8 days now, and man I am being hit by many side effects. To name some I keep waking up randomly in the middle of the night, drowsiness or completely awake, I lost almost all my appetite, and feel headaches and pressure on my head. Its weird but I feel numb to most emotions, something I've never quite felt before. I'm hoping this works out and I can live my life normally! Wondering if anyone is having the same/ different experiences? 🙂

  9. Doctor let me tried sertraline and escitalopram, but both gave me very bad side effects. Does anyone knows what’s the differences between them and which one is better? I hope I can improve my energy and emotions. I want to pick one of them and keep eating.

  10. I just started taking Zoloft today, I don't feel anything yet as far as side effects. Hopefully they won't be too bad. But I completely understand when it comes to memory. I don't feel like my normal sharp self. I used to be very sharp and smart (not to sound conceited) but not anymore. I can't focus or comprehend or remember things like I used to. Hopefully this medication helps.

  11. So today was my first day. Started off with 25mg but I have a very low tolerance. I instantly felt very nervous and shaky. My whole body just shaking. Then I got really scared, thinking I was about to have a panic attack. I tried to throw the medicine up but it was too late. But surprisingly I don’t feel depressed. I’ll keep you updated

  12. Hey! I've just started Zoloft , and i'm in day 4. I feel that my depression kind of grew more with this pill.
    How are you feeling today? Your medication helped you with your depression?
    Pls answer if possible

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