Weight Loss

My Eating Disorder.

My Eating Disorder.

My Eating Disorder.

I don’t talk about this to anyone.

Opening up about my eating disorder with anorexia, bulimia, & binge eating and the effects that the modeling industry & social media has had on my relationship with food and my body dysmorphia.

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  1. Wow, thank you so much for being a wonderful role model for young women! You have a FANTASTIC and intelligent attitude towards this topic. You will help lots of people:)

  2. The way you get so frustrated when you’re talking about this.. I feel the exact thing when I think about my eating disorder. It’s hard because at a certain point in the journey you become diagnosed and you learn that what you’re doing is incorrect. And you become educated. But it’s still hard to always shake it off and always have good days. Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Thank you for this video.
    One comment as an anorexic turned bulimic…I have a lot of shame surrounding the purging part of my disease. It makes me angry and disgusted with myself so your comment hit home.

  4. the one thing I’ve always told myself is that when I have kids I wanted to make sure they have a good relationship with food and are taught self love 🥺❣️.

    I’ve had my own Ed and I don’t want them to go through that… because it’s awful.

  5. You go into the modeling industry and blame it for your eating disorder. Clearly you're a fucking idiot and vapid as fuck. Oh I'm a model blah blah blah…seriously, fuck you.

  6. i think i have an eating disorder, my family and friends confronted me today about how i have been losing weight fast. i really feel like i’m doing something wrong and i feel guilty, someone please help me

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