Weight Loss

Most Calorie Calculators Are Wrong

Most Calorie Calculators Are Wrong

Most Calorie Calculators Are Wrong

Then how many calories do you need?

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  1. My TDEE is probably around 2500 when I'm 183 lbs 5' 7" and being completely sedentary. The most accurate calculator I've seen is probably "body weight planner" on the .gov website for NIH (national institute of diabetes and digestive and kidney diseases). I just put my activity level as sedentary for both home and work. Any walking I do over about 2.25 miles that day I add to my calories to find my maintenance (phone tracks my walking).

  2. im 145 lb and ive been wanting to get to 10 bf for a very long time, prolly 4 years, and right now im eating at 1500 and not even losing a pound per week, knowing that most of you can be on a cut and eat 2000 cals makes me jealous, any advice?

  3. True. I eat around 2300 calories at maintenance, pretty much you just have to listen to your body and see what works best for you.

  4. The average healthy man needs to eat 2500 calories a day to maintain. If you’re active it’s about 2700-2800. But if you’re cutting, your goal should be to only eat 2000-2300 calories a day. If you’re gaining weight eat 3k calories a day if you’re doing cardio or 2800 calories a day if you train without doing cardio. If you need 3,000 calories to maintain your weight, you’re overweight. Fat fills the sleeves in my opinion. But it depends on what YOUR goals are.

  5. So, true! Started out using myfitnesspal… wasn't losing weight consistently, so I just tracked my weight and made calorie adjustments to lose weight – ended up losing 80+Lbs and then experimented with my calories to find my maintenance intake. New subscriber… great channel!

  6. I think calculators like myfitnesspal work for people who don't lift. Like, a 40yo stay at home mom would probably get decently accurate TDEE

  7. I fail to understand why on earth would anyone take those calculators seriously. I tried them once or twice just for fun (they'd say I need 2300 cal/day, but I consume closer to 4000/day), and clearly, there was no way they could be accurate with such a huge lack of information about people. The only way to know EXACTLY would be to analyze your breath all day long. Guess dumb people are gonna do dumb things. Like model their diet after a calculator.

    The best way to go is clearly to track everything for a couple weeks, then try lowering the average of calories consumed and see if it works for losing weight, or increase the average for gaining. But people are going to try to do it here and now without assessing anything, because they tend to act on a whim (and that's also why they don't stick to it) instead of thinking in advance and preparing their life for the change they're looking for.

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