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Mercy Hospital – Sudden Weight Loss

Mercy Hospital – Sudden Weight Loss

Mercy Hospital - Sudden Weight Loss

Alfredo Hernandez, MD talks about what unexplained weight loss could mean. To find out more information about our hospital please visit http://mercymiami.com/

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  1. I started off weighing 121. A month later I weighed 109! 2 days later I weighed 104. I’m very active and have a 6 pack but I eat SO MUCH FOOD. I’m talking like 4-5 meals worth. It’s like the more food I eat the less I weigh then vise versa.

  2. I'm a 5'9.5ft 20 year old kid. Last year i was weighing at 157lbs naked and without any food in my stomach. That soon turned into 150lbs. why am I all of a sudden at 145lbs? I'm Hispanic so I can bet you I eat large amounts of food endlessly but I don't understand my weight loss. 12lbs doesn't feel normal. if anything I should be getting heavier with age.

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  4. I’m really sick and I haven’t eaten much for a few days so maybe that’s my cause because I lost 3.5 pounds in 2 days…

  5. sir plz i want say you something sir my sister is losing weight day by day but she dont want to lose weight but we concerned with doctor all reports are normal but she is still losing weight and she ate something and get vomiting please tell me what is reason for this

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