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Mcdougall Maximum Weight Loss Food List : 🌟DR JOHN MCDOUGALL: The Secret to Eating the Foods You Love & Losing Weight! | The Starch Solution

Mcdougall Maximum Weight Loss Food List Video

Mcdougall Maximum Weight Loss Food List

🌟DR JOHN MCDOUGALL: The Secret to Eating the Foods You Love & Losing Weight! | The Starch Solution

🌟DR JOHN MCDOUGALL: The Secret to Eating the Foods You Love & Losing Weight!  | The Starch Solution

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Do you love your corn, potatoes, beans and rice, and wish that they just weren’t starches so you could eat them to your heart’s content?

Well if so, then do we have a myth-busting, turn-things-on-their-heads, no potato left un-turned, starchy show for you!

Today we’ll be talking with Dr. John McDougall, author of 12 National Best-Selling books, including The Starch Solution: Eat the Foods You Love, Regain Your Health, and Lose the Weight for Good!

Today we’ll be talking about starch, what it is, why it’s supposedly not good for us, what the studies show, why you’ve never heard this before, and perhaps the shocking truth.

For I want to get to the bottom of this, because I love my potatoes and with a bit of salt, but for years, wouldn’t touch a single one. I’ve been high ketone, high fat, high veggies, lots of green smoothies, but always, above and beyond everything else, LOW STARCH…and don’t even get me started about the glycemic index. But we’ll talk about all of it today in a mind-blowing, myth-busting show. Nothings sacred today, and especially not the potato.

John McDougall, MD is a board-certified internist, author of 12 national best-selling books, the international on-line “McDougall Newsletter,” and medical director of the 10-day, live-in McDougall Program in Santa Rosa, CA. Other McDougall activities include seminars and health-oriented adventure vacations. Results of the McDougall Program are published in the Nutrition Journal (http://nutritionj.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1475-2891-13-99).

Scientific References for my recommendations are in these books:
Previous National Best Selling McDougall Books

The McDougall Plan McDougall’s Medicine: A Challenging Second Opinion
The McDougall Health Supporting Cookbook,Volume 1
The McDougall Health Supporting Cookbook, Volume 2
The McDougall Plan: 12 Days to Dynamic Health The McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss
The New McDougall Cookbook
The McDougall Program for Women
The McDougall Program for a Healthy Heart
The McDougall Quick and Easy Cookbook
Dr. McDougall’s Digestive Tune-up The Starch SolutionKey Topics:

What Dr. McDougall’s health was like growing up
How Dr. McDougall had a massive stroke that left him completely paralyzed at the age of 18.
How Dr. McDougall became a sugar plantation doctor
How he began to notice the older workers were healthier than the younger (first generation vs. second or third generation)
Walter Kepner, Rice Diet, and 1939.
How it became clear that diet was an effective healing solution.
Why a diet high starch helped with healing
Why a simple diet can be effective and nutritionally safe
Why we need to look at early studies that weren’t backed by industry.
How Dr. McDougall is in the process of suing the egg industry.
Why there’s a conflict of interest with the USDA
How industries started to buy there way in beginning in the 1980’s.
Why studies were made to favorably affect industries
How do we get unbiased information?
Why there’s a protein myth and never a case of protein deficiency ever.
Why people are being convinced to buy products they don’t need – it’s called ‘unique positioning’ – and what it means to you.
How study’s are biased and slanted in favor of industry and particular results
Why starches may actually be good for us.
How can starch be good for us?
Doesn’t starch turn into fat?
Don’t starches hurt our blood sugar levels?
Why fat paralyzes insulin causing blood-sugar problems
Why you want 90% of your calories from basic starches
Why Paleo would disagree with a high starch diet
Why we’ve been starch eaters back before we were even humans
What do we see from being on a 90% starch diet.

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  1. Great info and advise, thank you very much Dr McDougall💕🌹🌼👍 . My wife has had the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), for 18 tears, she is 70 years old. I wonder if The Starch Option method can cure her? Any one can respond, please.

  2. Studies in Europe prove that people with high cholesterol live longer than those with low or even normal cholesterol.

  3. Asians eat lots of rice, and when they ate primarily rice they worked hard at physical labor every day and they didn't eat a lot because most were poor and couldn't afford to, yet they were severely stunted, puny even! Their bone structures were 1/3 the size of westerners and the same in strength! Typical Asia man had less strength than a young American woman! Fact is even the starving people of Africa has very little heart disease, stroke or heart attack because their bodies take in so little nutrition they live in an almost continuous fasting. Fasting destroys and consumed diseased cells first.

  4. This is a lot of lies. There is such a thing as protein manlutrition, and cholesterol is needed for normal hormone production and brain health. Low cholesterol is associated with serious disease including depression and other mental healh diseases.

  5. there's never been a case of insufficient protein, because the body will make it, if needed. from the skin, bones, or wherever it decides is low-priority for survival, but I DO love this guy!!

  6. I don't know, but that picture of Dr. McDougall is mighty frightening – looks like a very very unhealthy son of a gun.. I'd stay a mile away from any diet he is recommending. Do potatoes give you those saggy, baggy black eyes?

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