Weight Loss

Losing Weight For Lower Blood Pressure

Losing Weight For Lower Blood Pressure

Losing Weight For Lower Blood Pressure

Wherein I discuss how I’ve lost over 60 pounds, how my blood pressure has gone from typical readings of 145/90 to normal, my common-core approach to weight loss, and my inflamed and unrepentant hatred of the gym.

Nothing in this video should be taken as medical advice or recommendation: it’s just one fat guy’s experience.

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  3. That gym story was FUNNY. Especially because you are absolutely right. I too much prefer to walk outside, new trails with new scenery THE BEST. Those exercise walking machine things that play on a TV screen different 'scenery' just cracks me up. How can people pay hundreds of dollars for such gimmicky crap?. ..Bless You Brother

  4. …I also feel like you can do most of the exercises people do there, they can do……AT HOME!!!🤣🤣🤣 You should only go to the gym to do stuff you can't do at home, you can't keep some that equipment in your house!

  5. I feel like I am hearing myself. That's why I love your videos and you really make me keep on going. I was looking for someone like you that understand and talks about the real deal of all that weight loss process. You make me keep on going easily, Thank you.

  6. Question: assuming you eat normally on a Monday, having your last meal around 8 PM, would I fast until 8PM Tuesday or break the fast only on Wednesday morning?

  7. Great results, I love following your channel, really helpful and relatable. I have a question, I'm doing adf too and find it hard to eat on eating days, I don't really go above my daily maintenance. in fact I find it hard to even reach maintenance. If I do go over I feel really bad physically and just want to sleep. the other day I went a little above and just fell asleep for 4 hours in the middle of the day. anyway, the question is, does the metabolic rate go down if we undereat on eating days? if my maintenance is 1200 and I'm only eating 800, am I doing more harm than good? I have to say I'm losing weight a lot quicker with less calories though .

    p.s. absolutely agree with you about the gym, my exercise is 1.5-2 hours of brisk walking at 4-5 am , just in nature , really beautiful

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