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Loose Skin After Losing 147 lbs

Loose Skin After Losing 147 lbs

Loose Skin After Losing 147 lbs

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  1. Ty for this it’s so difficult for me
    A struggle after I lost 135 pounds it’s an horrid reminder
    My thighs are the worst

  2. So I'm a 14yr old but I'm like 260lbs and I am starting a diet does every one get loose skin if you loose weight?

  3. I think you you look great and that you should be proud of what you have accomplished. I do want to say one thing though. Because you are so fit and have made this a new lifestyle for yourself, you could still have the excess skin removed and have children. You would still look great and it wouldnt hurt anything as far as your being trim. You are very much in shape like an athlete and they have children and dont lose their great shape.

  4. I lifted my stomach to see what i would look like without the excess skin too lol! You're soo cute when you said that you didn't have loose skin on your fingers. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Considering the insurance company denied your request to lose weight without proof of trying to lose weight, would they pay for skin removal after succesfully losing weight?

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