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Liquid Diet For Weight Loss | Liquid Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast 10Kg

Liquid Diet For Weight Loss | Liquid Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast 10Kg

Liquid Diet For Weight Loss | Liquid Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast 10Kg

Liquid Diet For Weight Loss | Liquid Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast 10Kg | Liquid Diet Plan For Weight Loss | Lose 10 kgs in 5 Days with Liquid Diet | How To Lose Weight Fast 10 Kg | Indian Liquid Diet Plan | Indian Diet Plan For Weight Loss | How To Lose Weight Fast 10 Kgs in 5 Days | No Solid Food Diet | Veeramachaneni Ramakrishna Diet | Veg Liquid Diet | Vegan Diet | Liquid Diet For Vegetarian
Watch in Hindi – https://youtu.be/d2zJKl7Bx18
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The plan shown is a sample diet plan. You may schedule it according to your taste and time. If you are a vegan, skip adding dairy products and make smoothies with greens and superfoods.
PCOS & PCOD patients may opt for almond milk instead of dairy.
For Diabetics, please avoid fruit juices, instead opt for healthy high protein smoothies & soups etc.
It is considered safe for PCOS, PCOD & HYPOTHYROID (Have your meds regularly)
Having said that, I urge you to still consult your doctor if you have any ailments before you start off with any such diet.
All other healthy individuals : Include superfoods in your diet as much as you can so that you remain fit, healthy, lose weight fast & feel good.
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  1. I’m on day 3 I’m down 4.5 kilos already thank you so much Vicky😍❤️!!! I’m continuing on another few days will be off on the weekend then back on Monday will try another 5 days to see if I can lose another 5 kilos or so and then go back to eating sensible and a healthy diet plan.

  2. I'm very much foodie..how to control hungry with this diet ?? I have tummy ..looks like uncle in 30age 🙁 help me

  3. I need to loose up to 20 kg so I'm gonna start this diet and see how it goes for me.
    Start date: 26/08/2019 till 30/08/2019
    Hoping I can stick to it

  4. I have watched 3 times the video, but still not understandable, shall I drink exact amount/glasses liquid as shown or can I drink as much as I want? I do not mean pure water , I mean juices, soups etc?
    Also not still clear if possible to mix meat and veggies into creamy soup and it it or no meat/chicken on the diet and only broth of it is allowed ?

  5. 8am Grounded cofee + virgin coconut oil + ghee+ turmeric powder

    11am any juice with no sugar.

    1pm soup – clear one + multivitamin

    3pm green tea
    5pm moringga smoothie + 1 rip of banana + almond

    7pm clear soup

    8pm green coffee

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