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L Arginine

L Arginine

L Arginine


L-Arginine: The Prosexual Nutrient with Numerous Health Benefits

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  1. Arginine needs to be taken alone on an empty stomach other wise it will not work effectively.
    So do not eat an hour before or after taking about one teaspoon before your workout.
    Take ONLY with water NOT milk or juice.
    After your workout [almost immediately] you can also take a teaspoon.
    After taking it wait at least half an hour before taking your protein or whatever after your workout.
    THIS will make you explode 🙂
    MOST people take it improperly and so do not get proper results.
    Hope this helps 🙂

  2. proprietary blend is the same thing as a Cocaine dealer that cuts up his coke.  Adds a bunch of shit to it.  So he makes more money

  3. Just like all supplements, it's benefit is in the dosage… Need 5g of arginine if you are 200lbs plus… HOWEVER, BEWARE THE BOWEL TOLERANCE!! EXPLOSIVE BM IN YOUR FUTURE!!!

  4. Vitamins, nutrients and proteins are awesome for penis/ sexual health too. This is why I use a creme called Man1 Man Oil every morning. You guys should check it out… it is loaded with this stuff and has led to better skin texture, hygiene, function and more confidence. It's really good stuff. Cheers.

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