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Korean Weight Loss Meal Plan : How to make Korean Diet Banchans

Korean Weight Loss Meal Plan Video

Korean Weight Loss Meal Plan

How to make Korean Diet Banchans

How to make Korean Diet Banchans

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Daniel shows you how to make Korean banchans. Lately, I see alot of ridiculous diets, especially from K-pop stars. Eating one sweet potato in a day. Or one egg for a day. No need to go to extremes. Here are four healthy banchans which you can eat throughout the week. Of course, the most important thing is portion control. Scoop out half of your rice and stay strong…today, we are doing only half a bowl!

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  1. Omg I just realized this is marketed to the west HEY IF YOURE BIG, PLEASE EAT MORE. ASIAN FOOD GENERALLY HAS LESS CALORIES! Literally the only thing that’s even mildly fatty in here is the sesame oil!
    Also I’m an asian and I wasn’t looking for diet recipes, I just want home food. ❤️

  2. Thank you soooooo much for the recipes! Kamsahmnida! I have started dieting yesterday since I badly need to lose weight. And I've thought of eating banchan since the variety is pretty healthy, and some soup and protein. I'm glad that I also adore Hansik, and I get to eat it everyday. I hope I push through with this. Haha.

    I am definitely gonna try these recipes!

  3. Are these really low calorie? The sesame oil alone is 100 calories and the sugar is another 100. With the rice, this meal must be 1,000 calories.

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