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Hey guys! My name is Kimberly and I am documenting my life after Gastric Sleeve Surgery, including being a new mom, eating healthy, & trying to lose the rest of my weight. I also do makeup tutorials as well as talk about a number of topics regarding health, fitness, skin removal surgery, dealing with depression due to being overweight and overall well being. Thanks for checking out my channel and please subscribe if you like what you see.

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  1. My fiance is so supportive, i remember when i wanted to break down my 3rd week after my surgery to eat something small, just a nibble of something….anything and he said no not once, not twice but four time every time i said yes. I was so mad at him and told him "I so hate you!" With attitude lol. But i was so glad he was the strick one, my hard wall to lean on and still is lol.

  2. Thank you for posting this. I'm just starting to look into surgery, and this is a huge concern of mine. You give me hope 🙂

  3. Kimberly I love watching your channel I'm going in two weeks for my surgery I'm excited I just wish more of my family was a little more supportive and i wish my husband supported me better than what he does ,but I'm excited and i don't care what other people think.

  4. It is the mark of a strong, courageous, beautiful woman to own the responsibility in such a way that many would blame-shift onto their partner.
    I have my bariatric consult Wednesday, and it is almost a year to the day that I last had any contact with my last abuser. This journey is going to be frighteningly wonderful, and watching your videos has given me wonderful questions to take to my surgery team.
    Thanks. A lot.
    +25 Respect
    +30 Charisma
    +Over 9000 in transparency and encouragement.
    You rock.

  5. Well…. Not everybody who gets the vsg "eats a lot." I'm insulin resistant with PCOS, I've been eating low carb low to no sugar for years. A normal person would drop weight very fast eating healthy like how I do, but being that I have IR and PCOS, it's a loooot harder. I'm not diabetic and I'm otherwise healthy. The sleeve gets rid of both of those so that's why I'm getting it. Also, side note, I'm very lucky in that my husband is supportive and loves me no matter what, so that's always good, ha.

  6. I’m almost halfway done with my surgery prep! I’m in my early 20’s and I love your videos I even bought a journal to right down some of your tips that apply to me

  7. you are such a beautiful person inside and out everyone should take
    notes on how to be a quality human being i hope i will meet someone
    exactly like you one day sincerely i wish i had more people like you
    around me for inspiration i admire you're honesty and strength and whatever you don't stop and take care

  8. I am still pre-op. My husband is somewhat supportive of my decision for the surgery. However he is inconsistent with helping me with my food choices. He is naturally thin and has never had to watch his weight. His food choices are horrible. He would never intentionally bring me down but he enables my bad behavior. How can I get him to be more consistent in his encouragement and support?

  9. My husband and kids have been so super supportive. I keep hearing nightmare stories about couples breaking up after the person loses weight, so I certainly hope that doesn't happen to our family. I don't think it will- he's all on board with me getting healthier. I'm a lucky duck!

  10. Hi…i think it is me bringing me down. my husband has the eating habiys of a high schooler and i find myself justifying cheating on my diet. i miss food so bad, and when i cheat it even makes me literally sick. it is very hard to not have that support person to push you along. Also makes me realize this is just as much a mental and emotional journey as a physical one.

  11. i am listening to your story but would you or could still have a date night once in abit out to a restaurant?

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