Weight Loss

Keto and Type 1 Diabetes

Keto and Type 1 Diabetes

Keto and Type 1 Diabetes

Keto can be amazing for helping Type 1 Diabetics control their glucose levels. In this video learn about the story of Cory Nelson owner of the “Good Food Low Carb Cafe” in Madison Wisconsin and how he has helped control his type 1 diabetes with a ketogenic lifestyle. In next weeks video we will look at all the yummy Keto options on his menu.

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  1. Misleading title. True title would be something like: "Life story of 'this guy'."
    They talked about the actual subject in maybe last 5 minutes.

  2. How do you deal with gluconeogenesis? I’m doing a perfect Keto diet and still have high blood sugar occasionally from protein turning to glucose. Less than 20g of carbs daily.

  3. I am type 1 diabetic. When I try to go carnivore, I get this persistent cramp in the middle of my chest, which gets worse when I lay down. A bit of labored breathing as well. As soon as I eat carbs and take bolus insulin, this goes away. What is this side effect? I don’t think I’m in danger of keto acidosis because I keep my basal insulin high and my blood sugar stays comfortably low during these attempted transitions.

  4. IThank you for sharing your story. I have lived with Type 1 for 62 years. I am healthy and no major complications. I only recently found Dr. Berstein's book and I'm trying to become Keto and/or Paleo to lose weight. I only take 1 or 2 units per meal and long acting Lantis at night, but I've had to cut that down as well. My doctors only understand CDA diet, so I make decisions by myself and research everything. Can you help me to find the right books to read? I live in Canada and I thank you for sharing your precious journey, Namaste!

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