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Jay Z Weight Loss : Jay-Z and Beyonce's Three Week Vegan Diet

Jay Z Weight Loss Video

Jay Z Weight Loss

Jay-Z and Beyonce's Three Week Vegan Diet

Jay-Z and Beyonce's Three Week Vegan Diet

Famed couple commits to changing their eating habits for a set period of time.

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  1. Pair of fucking clowns…gtfo… tens of millions of insects, micro organisms and field life are killed during the cultivation of your plant matter that you evangelise about… hypocrisy and superficial

  2. Be VEGAN and FEEL MUCH BETTER FROM THE INSIDE OUT. It can happen to EVERYONE who's brave enough to start a NEW LIFE!

  3. These two gave up the fried chicken? No wonder it's on ABC news. But hey it's not that bad, they can still enjoy their watermelon.

  4. I clicked on this because I want to know why this is news.
    :57 etc. Why does the gay guy have a need to explain the privacy of Vegans?
    If the end of the world arrives, and I am so very hungry, and no food is to be found other than some cattle in a field….I WILL eat that shit raw, and so would these 2 idiots.

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