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Japanese Weight Loss Meal Plan : My JAPANESE Diet Tips! 健康 ダイエット 食生活 #バレリーナが教えるシリーズ

Japanese Weight Loss Meal Plan Video

Japanese Weight Loss Meal Plan

My JAPANESE Diet Tips! 健康 ダイエット 食生活 #バレリーナが教えるシリーズ

My JAPANESE Diet Tips! 健康 ダイエット 食生活 #バレリーナが教えるシリーズ

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  1. Honest Question. Does the Japanese language talk faster because the words are longer to say the same as English? I have always wondered that.

  2. I’ve tried miso soup before, I don’t know if I’m a picky eater but doesn’t tastes that good, so I do not recommend it, but if you want to try it it’s up to you.

  3. These tips are amazing!! But I have one question about the 80% eating rule: how do you know how much food is ‘80%’? How can I figure out an 80% amount?? It’s a little confusing :,(

  4. Pff, totally, of course there's japanese supermarkets in North Costa Rica ;___; , but luckily we do have soy milk! 😀

  5. one question I cook for a married couple and they eat japanese food and I'm gonna start cooking healthy food from know on what's a good healthy japanese routine and schedule for a healthy life style ? . thanks also awesome video helped me alot .

  6. I really got to try this diet. Everyone says im not fat, but my height is 5'5 and my doctor said should be 125-135 pounds, yet im like 3 pounds over that… im only 14 and i know im supposed to grow taller, but im still gonna try this diet 030

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