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Is Your Heart Rate in The Right Zone for Ultimate Fat Loss?

Is Your Heart Rate in The Right Zone for Ultimate Fat Loss?

Is Your Heart Rate in The Right Zone for Ultimate Fat Loss?

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Welcome back to episode 5 of Body Breakthrough TV.

We are introducing zone training and how to use a heart rate monitor to regulate intensity and caloric output. This will help you maintain intensity throughout workouts to meet your calorie burning goals.

Today coaches Mario and Chrissy are showing you details about your optimal heart rate zone training details.

Learn how to measure your heart rate and stay in your heart rate training zone.

Learning how to stay in your heart rate zone will make it easier for you to burn fat in your body.

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  1. No, I notied when my hart rate is in between 120-141 that I will not lose weight, and slowly gain, even if im doing 2 hours of workout killing 1600 cal a day, I noticed fat loss at hart rate of 160-260 over a period of 3 months doing 45 min, this video will make you fat. Dont listen.

  2. I disliked this because it's click bait. I wanted to know the best BPM to lose fat so I clicked on this video. Only to be told to go to their website if I want to know that.

  3. this is what I've been saying it's the only thing that's scientifically proven to burn fat. but you can use the active ingredients of hydroxycut (6oz of caffeine nd aspirin) with using the karvona formula to endure maximum fat loss

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