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Is Weight Loss A Symptom Of Diabetes : Diabetes Signs and Symptoms (2018)

Is Weight Loss A Symptom Of Diabetes Video

Is Weight Loss A Symptom Of Diabetes

Diabetes Signs and Symptoms (2018)

Diabetes Signs and Symptoms (2018)

Do I Have Diabetes | Signs Of Diabetes | Diabetes Symptoms In Men & Women | Early Signs Of Diabetes | Early Warning Signs Of Diabetes

Hey guys! This weeks video is about the signs of diabetes. Having some of the signs of diabetes doesn’t mean you definitely have the condition, but you should always contact your GP, just to make sure.

Type 2 diabetes can cause serious long-term health problems. It can be easy to miss as it develops slowly, especially in the early stages when it can be harder to spot the symptoms. If left untreated diabetes affects many major organs, including your heart, blood vessels, nerves, eyes and kidneys. Being diagnosed early and controlling your blood sugar levels can help prevent these complications.

• Urinating more often than usual, particularly at night
• Feeling very thirsty
• Feeling very tired
• Unexplained weight loss
• Itching around the penis or vagina, or frequent episodes of thrush
• Cuts or wounds that heal slowly
• Blurred vision – caused by the lens of the eye becoming dry

These symptoms occur because some or all of the glucose stays in the blood, and isn’t being used as fuel for energy. The body tries to reduce blood glucose levels by flushing the excess glucose out of the body in the urine. High levels of glucose being passed in the urine are a perfect breeding ground for the fungal infection which causes thrush.

Three of the main risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes are:

Age – Being over the age of 40 (over 25 for people of south Asian, Chinese, African-Caribbean or black African origin, even if you were born in the UK).

Genetics – Having a close relative with the condition, such as a parent, brother or sister.

Weight – Being overweight or obese.

More information at: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/type-2-diabetes/causes/

Thrush is a yeast infection (candida albicans) which tends to affect warm, moist areas of the body such as the vagina, penis, mouth and certain areas of skin.

Thrush is more common in people with diabetes as high sugar levels lead to better conditions for the yeast to grow.

Vaginal thrush (vulvovaginal candidiasis) symptoms include:

• Soreness and irritation
• White curd appearance on the skin
• Pain during sexual intercourse
• White vaginal discharge
• Reddening of the vulva (the outer parts of the vagina)
• Itching around the vagina (infectious vaginitis)

Oral thrush (oral candidiasis) symptoms include:
• A nasty or bitter taste
• Redness or bleeding inside the mouth
• Creamy white coloured patches (lesions) in the mouth (cheeks, lips, tongue or the back of the mouth)
• Painful and sore mouth (can include the throat)
• Cracks at the corners of the lips (angular cheilitis)

Thrush in men (candida balanitis) Symptoms of thrush in men include:
• Reddening or swelling or soreness of the glans (head) of the penis
• Itching around the tip of the penis
• Discharge beneath the foreskin
• Nasty odour
• Pain during urination
• White curd-like appearance on the skin
• Painful experience during sex

If you’re at risk of type 2 diabetes, you may be able to prevent it developing by making lifestyle changes:

• Eating a healthy, balanced diet
• Losing weight if you’re overweight, and maintaining a healthy weight
• Stopping smoking if you smoke
• Drinking alcohol in moderation
• Taking plenty of regular exercise

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  1. Omg omg I was just having a discussion about diabetes with a friend of mine and this video 📹 came in handy 😎👌👌👌

  2. Im 12 and im scared.i drink lots of water(too much) and got bad eyesight and go bathroom alot😢. I eat carbs alot and also have history from family. Can someone tell me how to stop it at a young age

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  9. When i drink water it turns into pee quickly and be thirsty I fear that i have diabetes
    But i don't wake up at night and want to pee

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  11. 1 minute 50 seconds in (40% of the video) and I have yet to hear a single symptom. It would have been nicer if you got to the point a bit quicker.

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