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I Thrive Weight Loss : THRIVE Update | Weight Loss + Results | Worth it?

I Thrive Weight Loss Video

I Thrive Weight Loss

THRIVE Update | Weight Loss + Results | Worth it?

THRIVE Update | Weight Loss + Results | Worth it?

DISCLAIMER: Again, I feel the need to say that EVERYTHING WORKS DIFFERENTLY FOR EVERYONE. I do not react well with most dietary products like this. That’s MY body. It may be working wonders for you. And that’s great. I’m getting a lot of comments saying “This is not for weight loss.” If you read on the homepage of the website, it says “whether your goal is to lose weight, get in the best shape of your life, etc.” It IS for weight loss. Do your research and decide after watching numerous reviews. This is not a personal attack on the product. This is my honest opinion and experience. Also, everyone is saying I should have kept going with it. Keep in mind, I received a trial package. If I did not like my experience with the trial, I was not going to purchase it on my own.


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