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I Spent $700 to Follow Kim Kardashian's Diet & Exercise Routine

I Spent 0 to Follow Kim Kardashian's Diet & Exercise Routine

I Spent 0 to Follow Kim Kardashian's Diet & Exercise Routine

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Hey babes! In today’s video I ate like kim kardashian for a day, and followed her workout routine. People have hyper focused on Kim Kardashians weight loss and try to diet and exercise to lose weight and have a “Kim Kardashian body.” The thing is, no one will ever have a kim kardashian body… except Kim. Following her kardashian workout routine and celebrity diet plan for a day was fun, but I think having a private chef was the best part! I spent 0 to follow kim kardashians diet and exercise routine, and I’d say it was pretty fun!

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  1. Is it really worth drinking all that extra water for health when your healthy enough already? Slow your in take my friends, that way we can conserve water. ☺

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