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I Lost my Weight Without Diet or Exercise

I Lost my Weight Without Diet or Exercise

I Lost my Weight Without Diet or Exercise

It takes some of us years to lose our baby fat weight. You can blame it on the genetics, our food diets, or our lack of exercise. But really, the answer is a little easier than you think.

An experiment was done at Google’s workplace. On opposite ends of the room, one area had food and drinks and on the other end only drinks. The experiment showed that people who went to grab a drink where snacks were eaten twice as much as those who grabbed drinks from where there were no snacks. This means we as humans, have very little self-control over food whether we are hungry or not – especially if it’s FREE.

By keep fattening snacks out of sight, you actually forget you want those sweets. Sure, you can sometimes cheat but over time, you end up forgetting and not craving sugary snacks as much because they are out of sight. This may seem like common sense – and it is – but you’d be surprised how many people don’t do this giving into their sweet tooths.

So, if you’re looking for a little bump in ways to lose weight, hiding your snacks and keeping them out of sight is a great way to start ;).

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  1. Oddly enough you can shove food in mah face and I will ignore it. I’m not overweight, but like If my stomach doesn’t growl I usually don’t eat unless someone forces me to

  2. I'm 13 But My Weight is 56 "–") But I don't Look That Fat.. My Friend said I'm Chubby Oh C'mon

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