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How to Start Running for Weight Loss: Perfect Starter Workout

How to Start Running for Weight Loss: Perfect Starter Workout

How to Start Running for Weight Loss: Perfect Starter Workout

Feeling clueless when it comes to running for weight loss? We’ve all been there! Consider this your perfect starter workout.

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  1. Nice. You look like a trained killer with them traps. Love all your running tips vids I have been able to piece together some pretty solid workouts OUTDOORS. So thank you Holly.

  2. one saturday morning, i was having some really "heavy petting" with my significant other. We were really passionate. It was fun. I looked out the window and saw all these people waking up early and running. I was thinking "are they doing that, bcz they aren't doing THIS???" I wondered if the whole sport was really just S. Frustration??? Are all these people just really uptight and that is why they run. Because there is a much funner and easy activity.

  3. Hi, it is a very usefull video!!! Great Job Holly!!! But, maybe could you put subtitle in english? It will help too much no english native speakers to running, of course, and to improve their listening skills! Thanks!

  4. Thanks. I am not quite sure I saw the connection on how this type of workout addresses weight loss unless the idea is start running.?

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