Weight Loss

How To Set Your Macros (Protein, Fat, Carbs)

How To Set Your Macros (Protein, Fat, Carbs)

How To Set Your Macros (Protein, Fat, Carbs)

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In this video we talk about how to setup your macros for a cutting or gaining / bulking phase. There are plenty of calculators that tell us what our total calorie intake should be for the day based on our goals, but this will tell you how to break that down into individual macronutrients. The chart shown was taken from The Muscle and Strength Pyramid books (nutrition) by Eric Helms!

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  1. Finally a vid thats straight to the point, no vlog bullshit, no talking for hours, just straight facts on how to calculate this shit. Thanks

  2. Great Video, thank you. Starting all this after many many years of neglect (just turned 50) My goal is to lose weight and gain muscle. I'm working out about 4 times a week. Any suggestions on how to set my macros while trying to accomplish both?

  3. Hi trying to understand this. Do I understand correctly that we have a choice of calories or grams? I can either weigh food or add up calories?

  4. I'm sorry but if meta data says there is no benefit in having more than 1.8g/kg (no matter how hard you work out, your body just doesn't use it) so why 2.3 and more?

  5. Hey, I have a question! When setting your calories and macros for cutting, should I be using my current weight or my goal weight in the formulas?

  6. i hear different amount of proteins in a cut from different reputable sources, but all tend to be somewhat close to the same estimation. More importantly, i have been hearing to consume 1g/1lb of Dry lean mass, but not bodyweight. Logically speaking, wether you choose BW or DLM, you will get good results, but which one is more optimal and why? Anyone, please comment and point me to some studies or info on the matter, that would be much appreciated!

  7. how can cutting number can be higher on protein than bulking ? where do you get your numbers from ? i cant belive a word your saying. your numbers are so high it insane

  8. 1.3 % (recommended intake percentage ) × 139 (my weight)
    = ×4 ( 4 calories per gram in protien)

    20% ( fat percentage )× 139 ( my weight ) = ÷9 (calories per gram in fat )

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