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How to Kick Sugar Cravings & Lose Weight NOW! Healthy Snacks, Sweets, Fruit, Dark Chocolate, Diet

How to Kick Sugar Cravings & Lose Weight NOW! Healthy Snacks, Sweets, Fruit, Dark Chocolate, Diet

How to Kick Sugar Cravings & Lose Weight NOW! Healthy Snacks, Sweets, Fruit, Dark Chocolate, Diet

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How to Kick Sugar Cravings & Lose Weight NOW! Healthy Sweets, Fruit, Diet Soda, Chocolate, Smoothies

Take control of your sugar cravings once and for all with these simple tips and guidelines. Learn the root causes for sugar cravings and how to deter those constant cravings that just won’t stop. Do Diet Sodas help? Artificial sweeteners? What about fruit, smoothies and Dark Chocolate? Many thanks to my sponsor- Jojo’s!

Featuring Corrina Rachel, Certified Holistic Health Coach. Corrina offers one on one health coaching sessions via Skype and Email. Find her online:

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  1. I always make myself some banana milk when I'm craving sugar. (I smash half a banana in a mug, put in milk and cinnamon and mix it. Then I heat it up in the microwave and I'm basically satisfied for the rest for the day)

  2. I love hearing diabetics say "I can't have that apple, it will spike my blood sugar" Then they turn around and eat a bowl of ice cream! Really??? If you're going to be bad, why not have the fruit?
    Coconut Water is awesome. You should drink it unsweetened, and organic, though!

  3. Very informative lessons..I do enjoy a coke and chocolate now and then and the awareness aspects of these lessons have gone a long way in my quest for a healthier lifestyle. Im in the phase now where my sugar guilty pleasures don't taste good anymore.I'm definitely going to give the substitute options a try going forward. Thank you Corrina & Psyche Truth..!

  4. Cheerios and milk is a very good breakfast. You want a lot of carbohydrates in your diet. This woman is a conspiracy theorist. Like Alex Jones.

  5. Reduces calorie intake but don't replace your good food with the garbage she's selling you. Example: cola tastes good. Don't worry about having a soda. 😀

  6. I type 1 diabetic and use cinnamon daily, even in my drcaf coffee and herbal teas amf my glucosr and insulin requirements have dropped significantly! Great video

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