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HOW TO: Health journal + journal tour

HOW TO: Health journal + journal tour

HOW TO: Health journal + journal tour

When I started journaling, my life changed. I started losing weight, creating good habits, staying organized and productive, and become a happier more optimistic human. In this video, I show you how I made my health journal and to where to find aesthetic positive inspiration!

21 days of self love | Journal prompts: https://fiercelivyy.wordpress.com/2018/02/05/journal-prompts-21-days-of-self-love/

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  1. Can you post a life journal tutorial and tips please☺️.Thanks so much,your videos are very inspiring💞.Keep going,you can do it❣️!Much love from London🇬🇧!

  2. Hi alivia I'm a gurl looking for change…. And I'm trying hard however i lose my momentum when i have my period….so i was hoping you would make a video of how to manage it

  3. Hi Alivia, im watching this after your glow up series, and you are inspiring so much, i started a diet 5 days ago and it has been really hard, but you are helping so much! Thank you! <3

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