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How to Calculate Calories To Burn Fat & Build Muscle (Deficit & Surplus)

How to Calculate Calories To Burn Fat & Build Muscle (Deficit & Surplus)

How to Calculate Calories To Burn Fat & Build Muscle (Deficit & Surplus)

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In today’s video I’ll be showing you how you can simply calculate your daily requirement of calories to either burn fat or to build muscle. We’ll be doing this by first calculating your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). After that, we’ll walk through another calculation to take into account your daily activity level, and finally I’ll show you how to finish off the calculation by walking you through the process of calculation for individuals looking to burn body fat or build lean muscle mass. Let’s get right to it!

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How to Calculate Calories To Burn Fat & Build Muscle (Deficit & Surplus)

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  1. You mentioned in your other video it is possible to burn fat and build muscle at the same time, by ensuring your protein intake is sufficient. Now, if you want to build muscle and burn fat at the same time, would you be in a calorie deficit or a calorie surplus?

  2. Hey man, so my BMR is 1806, my activity rate equates to 1.725, my TDEE is 3115. If I take a deficit of 500, am left with 2615. So how do I work out how many calories I need to burn from exercise? Do you factor in your BMR rate, or just the excess on top of that? Therefore, 806 calories I need to burn off daily? Regards

  3. Please please help I don’t understand why my BMR is 2261 I am very active I go to school then the gym everyday I put 2261X1.725 and get 3,900 to lose 2 pounds a week I need to be at a 1000 calorie deficit but that’s still 2,900 calories to lose that. I usually eat around 1600-1800 a day and I’m not losing 2 pounds a week so how would 2900 make me lose weight I’m so confused

  4. Bro my BMR is 2261 and I do 2261X1.725 and get 3,900 I’m 6’3 I’m 16 and weigh 217 pounds and wanna lose 2 pounds a week is this rigny information please help my fitness pal is telling me to eat 2,110 calories to lose 2 pounds a week and his is very easy for me and usually eat u see that but still am not losing 2 pounds a week what’s wrong and btw I usually workout in a fasted state does that still count as burning calories

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