Weight Loss

How One Small Change Can Help You Lose Weight

How One Small Change Can Help You Lose Weight

How One Small Change Can Help You Lose Weight

Do you know how many calories you should eat every day to slim down? Core expert Chris Powell reveals how you can lose weight by identifying your calorie type and eating the right foods.

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  1. Ingot 1580 (that's with the extra 100). Pretty sure I need more. My TDEE is 2700. So I eat about 2150 per day while leaning (cutting). Went from 174 to 160. I am a body builder, so I am in the gym lifting weights 5-6 days a week.

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  3. So, I should eat 1,736 calories a day. I do lots of exercise most days.

    The thing is it's just basic calorie counting, it's tedious.

    We have all been told before that you have to on average drop 500 calories a day in order to lose weight

    Everyone is promoting the intermittent fasting and keto diet. Losing lots of weight quickly. The trouble is how can you be sure that just having 1-2 meals a day you are getting all the right nutrients and minerals and vitamins?? As you aren't really allowed fruit and there is very little carbs to add any fibre.
    It's just high fat, no sugar type diet. I get and understand the theory but I can't see I could do it longterm, I like milk, I love carbs, and I eat lots of fruit and veg.

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