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How much weight will I lose after Bariatric Surgery – The answer may surprise you

How much weight will I lose after Bariatric Surgery – The answer may surprise you

How much weight will I lose after Bariatric Surgery - The answer may surprise you

What determines how much weight you will lose after bariatric surgery? Dr. Matthew Weiner, author of A Pound of Cure, explains the surprising answer to this question.

Dr. Matthew Weiner is an author and surgeon who specializes in the treatment of obesity. His view on obesity differs from the traditional understanding of calorie balance driving weight loss and weight gain. Dr. Weiner offers both surgical and non-surgical programs in his office and on his website www.poundofcureweightloss.com. His book, A Pound of Cure, details how to change your diet to mimic the changes that occur directly after undergoing bariatric surgery and produce lifetime weight loss.

For more information call his office at 248-413-2670.
Or check out his website www.poundofcureweightloss.com
Or, log onto www.drmatthewweiner.com
On Facebook: www.facebook.com/APoundofCure

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  1. Almost at the 8 month mark from my GB. Been on keto since around month 2. Started at 315, with an "ideal" weight that maxes around 160. I am down to 189 this morning. Still losing from 1 to 5 pounds a week, with about 2-3 average.

  2. I'm having the sleeve done I'm a my weight goes up and done every year. And I dont eat meat .vegan for one year now I eat only fish and veggies. I've gained the weight back again . Because I have hypothyroidism. So I'm hoping the sleeve will keep me from gaining and losing every year. I'm hoping it will be a success because I dont eat meat. 🤞

  3. I weighed 374 lbs in January 2019, and got down to 321.5 by the day of surgery on May 23. Today is July 23, and my weight this morning was 278.5. That’s 43 lbs lost in the 2 months since surgery, and 96.5 lbs in 6 months. By far the most success I’ve had with weight loss.

  4. I am
    sick and tired of studies that targets Blacks to be in the negative on every study on the planet! . White doctors NEVER has nothing positive to say about us. I would NEVER allow you to treat me for anything!!!

  5. Assuming I am under 35, and have otherwise normal fertility, should I expect gastric bypass to impact my future (we''re talking years after the surgery, obviously) ability to become and stay pregnant?

  6. I’m wondering if some of this also applies to those who haven’t had WLS, but are obese and trying to lose weight on their own. I would think yes.

  7. I am having surgery soon. But I see that it also depends on the family genes. My entire family is overweight. Does that mean its going to be hard for me to loose weight?

  8. I'm doing lots of research prior to hopefully getting a sleeve gastrectomy. My concern is from past HORRIBLE iron deficiency anemia and a full workup with a hematologist, I only seem to be able to utilize heme iron. I was a vegetarian when this was discovered. No amount of veggies or iron supplements helped. With a Hgb of 8 and 7 months pregnant, I had to start eating meat because the other option was a blood transfusion. I'm worried about this after surgery. How do you handle this problem?

  9. This doctor's job is to educate us on Bariatric surgery. If you are focusing on negativity just find something else to watch. Because Im serious about this surgery. Thank you doctor Matthews.

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