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How Much Weight Loss Walking Calculator : HOW MANY STEPS A DAY CAN HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT

How Much Weight Loss Walking Calculator Video

How Much Weight Loss Walking Calculator



Today millions of people worldwide are overweight and in order to lose the extra weight they are following various diet regimens, drink natural potions which are specially created to shred the extra fat or exercise on regular basis.
Despite the fact that these methods are efficient, it would be really great to lose weight without any additional effort, right?

Well, that may sounds impossible, but in order to lose weight all you should do is to change your habits. So, what is the secret? You should walk more.how many steps to burn 1 calorie

But, can you lose weight just by walking? The answer is YES. Read on and find out how many steps a day you need to do in order to lose weight.

How much calories you burn while walking depends on two factors:

Walking area
Body Weight
If you walk for 1 hour with an average speed of 4 mph (miles per hour) your body will burn 400 calories. To be more precise, you need to make 2,000 steps in order to burn 100 calories and that is about 1 mile of walking.how many steps a day to lose 2 pounds a week

Namely, in order to lose 1 pound you need to burn 3,500 calories.

Health experts and nutritionists explain that the healthiest way to lose weight and not have the yo-yo effect is to lose 1 pound in period of one week.lose weight walking

That means you should burn 500 calories in a day or in other words, you should walk 5 miles on a daily basis.
Simple as that! In order to lose the extra weight you should change few of your habits.losing weight by walking

Useful Tips on How to Walk More

Always walk you kids to their school;
Don’t use the bus; Try to walk to your home or to your workplace;
Use the stairs instead the elevator;
If you have to use your car it is advisable to park it a little further so you can walk to the destination;
Walk to the station or to the subway, instead of using taxi or bus.
How Often Should You Walk to Lose Weight?

If you don’t walk often you should start with 15–20 minutes of walking during the first 3 days in order to adjust to your new routine. Few days later, when you feel ready you should gradually increase the time to 30 minutes up to 1 hour per a day.

Over time the walking will become a routine for you and you will lose weight without doing something about it.

Try to walk every day and make as many steps as you can. Over time you will feel much better and the numbers on the scale will change. There are many scientific studies which have proved that you can lose weight simply by walking.

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  1. I walk about 10000 steps naturally a day and i might just start 20000 steps instead. I’d have to find out what i could do lmao.

  2. i walk 5-6 miles every day (on an avg 15000 steps per day or some days even more) + household chores + dont eat any junk food or sugar but still i dont see any results. please help

  3. Daily 4km walk can make difference within a month. But stick to two meals per day. Stay away from bakery nothing else. Do use dairy and meat etc but stay away from from bakery and fried stuff. Thats it. Drink plenty of water.

    I lost 8 kg in three months. I ate everything, except bakery items.

  4. Iwalked today 10 km like 12000 step my feet crashed idont think they are normal human feet anymore 😂😂idont want to lose weight tho iam 66.5km and 173cm tall

  5. Yup im walking from my house to my working place is take 1 hours so tiring but im happy my weight lose 10kg in 3 month

  6. If i walk 1 hour and do plank for 1 minute and go stairs up and down many times. per day????? How much do i lose weight

  7. Walk alone can't loose weight this is my personal experience….only….keep fit….unless stern workout…done…with diet…. depends on climate condition…too….

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