Weight Loss

how i lost weight in college

how i lost weight in college

how i lost weight in college

#weightloss #backtoschool #college
what helped me lose 75 pounds in college

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  1. First of all I just wanted to say you’re hellllla gorgeous.
    Second of all I’m not even in college but that’s alright this is still somewhat relevant to highschoolers.
    Third of all.
    I joined rugby a year ago and going through practices were really tough on me and my body. When it came to fitness I was always one step behind everyone.
    But i still decided I wouldn’t work on my body. Well now I’m on my second year, and it’s my first year on an outside of school team as well as a school team.
    I finally felt motivated to workout and eat healthy. It’s been a week since I started my working out, and even though that’s not a lot, I’m proud of myself. For actually starting to workout in the first place 😂.
    I’ve been eating healthy for about a month now too.
    But this video was really helpful (:

  2. These tips were so much better than lots of other video’s I’ve seen. These are relevant to so many people where as a lot of people share crazy tips that literally helped for them but could never help other people

  3. Bro we have similar body types like how u were before you lost weight like i gain on my thighs and stomach but no where else lol its really awkward
    Edit- not saying that you're awkward lol

  4. Art Major with an emphasis in 2D studio, I'm currently 140, gonna get back to 115. Thanks girl. I'm sad I found this a year late.

  5. i want to lose 20 pounds by new years, all so i can buy a gucci shirt…

    majoring in business

    also how much crack did you smoke before this? it worries me…

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