Weight Loss

HOW I LOST WEIGHT FAST without exercising

HOW I LOST WEIGHT FAST without exercising

HOW I LOST WEIGHT FAST without exercising

Heyy babes!

The very requested video is finally covered and I hope I talked about everything important.


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  1. LOVERS!

    First of all – I am not an expert or a nutrionist of any sort, this is 100% only my experience and knowledge. It has been so requested and for the longest time I have been against talking about it because I am scared to say wrong etc, so please be kind.

    Watching back at this video I realized I am mostly covering information and mental preparedness for weightloss, however I feel like that is the first step to a successfull journey. I will make other videos like "What I eat in a day" etc. Please let me know your thoughts, love xxx

  2. You're such a good girl. I'm telling my daughter to follow you because you are such a good role model. She is 13. You're so lovely and so real. Thank you

  3. I seriously couldn`t wait to test the fat loss program “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it). This has offered me thrills. I advise you to Google this strategy too. My good friend has reduced 10 pounds by now due to this weight loss program. .

  4. The thing is I can’t have certain healthy food because I have IBS. I need to cook my vegetables each time so I can’t have a salad my doctor says.

  5. Omg u r tooooo cute
    I fell in love with u
    On ur contact lenses vid
    The one where ur wearing ur towel wrap on head
    I bought the TOPAZIO
    Cos if u still waiting for them in the mail 😂
    Thanku my love 💞💞💞

  6. I’ve been trying to loose weight for 3 years I did then I became sort of addicted to food and can’t be bothered to workout so I’m fat and weak and I’m unhappy and self conscious but I love salads and stuff but I love sister and u really helped me thank. U plus I’m 13 and way more then 40 pounds

  7. I have actually utilized this specific “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) for a number of weeks by now as well as the final results are remarkable. They provide me plenty of energy and curb my desire for foods, however I do NOT crash once they wear off which I really like, and they don`t cause me to feel jittery. I did absolutely nothing special on my very own diet plan and i also still manage to get rid of my unwanted weight to 7 pounds. .

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