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I share all my pregnancy weight loss tips for how I lost weight during pregnancy! If you are wanting to know how to lose weight in pregnancy safely then this is the video for you. Comment below if you have any tips on losing weight pregnant!

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  1. Here where I live, everybody over 30 years old is still thinking ''you should eat for 2''… And my family keeps getting mad at me for being careful and only putting on the baby weight…

  2. With my daughter I started out 215lbs. Ended pregancy at 247lbs. Dropped to 205lbs 3 weeks post partum. Now was this pregnancy I started at 218lbs, I got up to 222lbs but now I'm back to 220lbs and 23weeks pregnant. I'm trying to keep my weight gain as minimal as possible. I basically eat mostly healthy and I don't binge or over induged. I still have things I like. I'm not dieting or counting calories. If anything I've been tryna eat more to make sure I'm getting what I need. I'm so glad this pregnancy weight gain has been so slow!

  3. THANK YOU!!!!!! I’ve lost 38 lbs and then we found out we were pregnant. I’m 7 weeks and wanting to just make sure I don’t go crazy but I still want to be healthy!

  4. Hi… I Just found out im pregnat 4 weeks and I am over weight 5'2" and 175 i dont want to gain Weight but I want baby to be safe since March I started excersiseing more I run 3 to 4 times a week 1 mile. I dont want to stop doing it and I also want to do situps work out my abs is it safe to do it?? Please can someone help me?

  5. I am in my second trimester also obese and I have lost 20 pounds .. I stopped drinking coffee due to food aversion stopped eating candy and lots of veggies and fruit tons of water but it happened without even trying our bodies know what to do what is best 💕

  6. I’m 8 weeks pregnant and have lost 5 pounds so far but I’m still 195 pounds:( I really want to lose at least 20 pounds before I give birth. I hate that I let it get this bad 😪

  7. I started out my pregnancy at 187.6 lbs, I am 5'0 . I've always wondered why Im losing weight.. I weight 179.3 lbs and I'm 15 weeks pregnant. Is that safe or normal?

  8. 1 pounds below your pre pregnancy weight?! That’s crazy😳😳 I’m in my early first trimester & I’m already 5 pounds up🤣🤣😩😩😫

  9. i just knew i am pregnant. so worried because i am over weight. was searching the whole internet. Finally found you. Thank you 🥰

  10. I was 185 when I first got pregnant. At my last weigh in before the birth, I was 174!! Didn't expect or try to lose weight. It was a pleasant surprise, but it made sense since I always eat really healthy when I am pregnant. I kept losing weight the healthy way the last two years and now, I am 157 lbs. Just found out I am pregnant again and want to stay healthy. Thanks for the tips!

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