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How I lost 70 lbs on a starch based diet…no deprivation, no "dieting," and no exercise

How I lost 70 lbs on a starch based diet…no deprivation, no "dieting," and no exercise

How I lost 70 lbs on a starch based diet...no deprivation, no "dieting," and no exercise

Here is the secret to how I lost 70 lbs on a starch based, oil-free diet with the addition of fruits and vegetables. This is the diet that Dr. McDougall recommends. No deprivation, no calorie counting, no restricting my food intake or trying to out-willpower my hunger drive, and no exercise.

The secret is calorie density. This is simply the concentration of calories per pound of food, and it varies depending on the food. Foods lower in calorie density include things like non-starchy fruits and vegetables, potatoes, sweet potatoes, whole grains, and legumes, and are high in fiber, water, and nutrients.

Jeff Novick has a terrific video explaining calorie density:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CdwWliv7Hg&t=398s

Dr. McDougall’s website for information, guidance, a meal plan and food list for a starch based diet (also educational videos, success stories, newsletters, and scientific papers):https://www.drmcdougall.com/

Dr. McDougall’s demonstration of calorie density using glass beakers to represent the human stomach:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWy459cHamw&t=12s

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  1. The only thing missing from this video is pictures and/or video of examples of what you actually eat. Great video though.

  2. I like your video, thanks. I went through the change you described joining the cult of Dr. Mcdougall. I kid about the cult part, but some people think vegans are in a cult. haha! I lowered my LDL bad cholesterol from 120, elevated risk of heart attack, to 65, ideal and what some consider virtually heart attack proof. I did it in just a few weeks on the Mcdougall diet.

    Other positive benefits that occurred: I'm off blood pressure medication and my bp is normal. My fast resting heart rate that I controlled with a beta blocker is now 75 without that beta blocker (which was also the blood pressure medication I used).

    I lost 45 pounds! I'm about 150@ 5'10".

    I eat a very simple diet: I bake my own homemade whole wheat bread, I also make whole wheat pasta and tomato sauce, and eat those foods with large amounts of spinach. I also eat bananas throughout the day. In addition, I drink tea and I do have some sugar in it at this time. It's a nice little reward.

    I use salt on my bread, and the tomato sauce has salt in it, probably too much but that's ok, it's not a very high amount.

    I'm so happy! I hope you continue to be happy on the Mcdougall diet and your father is well.

  3. I tried this diet and was hungry all the time and didn't lose much weight. I did enjoy the food but I was constantly hungry I think it was the low fat aspect that made me so hungry…. A few years later, I gave up on being a vegetarian and tried the atkins diet and lost a little weight. For me, Atkins( now Keto) was the worst diet. I couldn' t see living without watermelon and peaches. Now, I just try to eat all kinds of foods and just smaller portions of calorie dense foods…. cut back on junk food and processed foods like white flour.

  4. This makes so much sense. i am a baker of cakes and cupcakes. I love what i do, but i do not eat my product. I probably am hypercritical, but people always want cakes to celebrate or whatever. I am not wanting to make people unhealthy and fat though. I do make everything from scratch though so at least that is better than a box cake. Of course if everyone ate like us i would be out of business lol I love sweet potatoes, avocados, and cooked broccoli. I was never over weight, but eating this way gives me energy to bake lol

  5. Gr8 video, and gr8 music too. Very encouraging. one still has to be sensible what one eats on a WFPB eating. count out the nuts. there is a lot to be said for abstaining from the bad stuff and moderation in that which is good. even good stuff can be bad for us if we have too much.

  6. One can argue that semantically the word "diet' is simply a generic term for any food plan we follow. To that extent, we are all on a diet because we all have to eat. In my humble opinion, you did not lose 70 pounds because of any magic in your plant-based diet. You lost weight simply because, by your own declaration, you eliminated so many foods and food groups— meat, seafood, eggs, dairy, processed foods, fast foods, junk foods, oils and butter. So you were indeed restricting calories without having to consciously count them. Why are people are on ketogenic diets also losing weight, reversing medical conditions, and feeling fantastic when their diet is totally diametrically opposite to yours? Again, it is for the same reason. While they are eating meats, dairy, and an abundance of saturated fat, they are eliminating starches, fruits, whole grains, legumes and the same laundry list of aforementioned junk foods . With all this being said I am not trying to discount your choice of diet or your weight loss. You are to be commended because you did what is most important of all— you established a healthy way of eating that is sustainable for YOU and got you to your goals. Congratulations!

  7. Tried this for a years. I was hungry all the time, never satisfied. Hair was falling out. Muscles wasting away. If it works for you, great. It's not for everyone. Most vegans are more concerned about the environment and animal rights than health.

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