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HOW I LOSS 70 LBS IN 5 MONTHS?! before and after pictures

HOW I LOSS 70 LBS IN 5 MONTHS?! before and after pictures

HOW I LOSS 70 LBS IN 5 MONTHS?! before and after pictures

Hey guys, hopefully my weight loss journey will inspire you to start your own. Thanks!
Link : https://www.instagram.com/hamnagilani/?hl=en

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  1. I think Hamna Gilani would have got faster results by jumping rope 30 minutes a day and eating a low grain(rice, bread, pasta) diet and eating healthy amounts of vegetables, fruits, potatoes and meat diet. The weight just falls off.

  2. I need to lose 10 pounds i have been going to gym but it stop i cant lose weight i can do anything but its not working do i have to change my workout i think my body is used to the workout i do.

  3. It's interesting – I'm a 5'10" guy and I weigh 170lb after losing 50lb. You were heavier than me! Needless to say, I benchpress 315 lb.

  4. This video hit home for me. Before my 21st birthday I decided that by 21 I’d be in the best shape of my life. I did it to show an ex what she gave up and it worked for me to an extent, once I did it for myself it changed my life. I got down to 179lbs from 215lbs. Fast forward 5 years and I’m married. I hit my heaviest weight ever of 251lbs last year and just recently decided that I have to do something. It’s so hard to get back the motivation that I once took for granted. I’m down 12 pounds so far and my wife is exercising and dieting with me. I feel amazing but your video definitely motivated me to talk myself out of eating junk when I have a craving. It can be difficult to pass up snacks when everyone around you eats them and can stay skinny but just know that they don’t go home and eat the same garbage you’ve been eating for 5 years. Get up. Get out. Get fit!

  5. Man I was 5'5' and I was skinny when I was 170-185 O.O Just shows how everyone's body is different. I love the vision board idea and the quote was amazing <3

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