Weight Loss

how i changed my habits to lose the weight

how i changed my habits to lose the weight

how i changed my habits to lose the weight

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30 Days in a Row Habit Helper:
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  1. I’m 14 and 232 pounds and it sucks all my friends can share clothes with each other but I can’t because I’m literally to big and I hate how everyone sees me as the fat ugly friend because I’m honestly a good person so I’m going on this journey not only to prove them wrong but to prove to myself that I can do this is I actually try and put the effort it

  2. I want to drink more water, eat more eggs and veg, less sweets and less sugary things.
    Starting tomorrow.

    But experience tells me that in the morning I will think "fuck that" as I have a quick bowl of cereal. 😀

  3. This is so humbling , I’m watching this now and she’s got 77k subscribers and she was celebrating 3k here .. this was a year ago ,wow 💘

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