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How I Bulk Up with Cystic Fibrosis

How I Bulk Up with Cystic Fibrosis

How I Bulk Up with Cystic Fibrosis

Describing my nutrition plan and give examples of how I eat in order to gain weight and put on muscle while having Cystic Fibrosis. I count my calories and more importantly I count my macronutrients.

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  1. I have cf I’m 17 and lift 6 days a week I’ve gotten up to as heavy as 185 but now after getting sick I’m sitting around 160 at 6’1

  2. Dr Joel Wallach has shown that he can  reproduce cystic fibrosis in almost any animal species by allowing for a  selenium deficiency in the preconception mother so that the infant will be born with a selenium deficiency. The prevention of Cystic Fibrosis has been accomplished in pet, farm and laboratory animals by the veterinary profession by assuring adequate levels of selenium and essential fatty acid nutriture to the preconception, pregnant and nursing mother.  All Cystic Fibrosis patients need to take selenium and essential fatty acid suppliments in order to lead a healthy life for at least seventy five years. 
    Please read the following excerpt from the book "Lets Play Doctor" by Dr Joel Wallach. 
    CYSTIC FIBROSIS (mucoviscidosis) : is the crime of the century second only to diabetes (and that is because diabetes affects millions and CF only affects thousands each year) in that it is preventable, 100% curable in the early stages, and can be far better managed in chronic cases than it is currently managed by "orthodox" medicine.  Cystic Fibrosis is an important fatal disease of humans.  Cystic Fibrosis was thought to be limited to white populations of central European origin:  today cystic fibrosis has been diagnosed in all peoples of the earth. 
    CF is thought to be genetically transmitted by the "orthodox" pediatricians, yet they have failed to prove their theory despite multimillions of dollars spent in research.  Classically, the diagnosis is made when any two of four criteria are present.  (Table 10-1), yet most "orthodox" pediatricians will not diagnose CF without a positive "sweat test" (elevated level of sodium, chloride and potassium in the sweat – greater than 65 mEq/L. 
    The "sweat test" has been elevated by dogma to "the diagnostic test" for CF, yet there are at least seventeen known diseases and syndromes that can give a positive sweat test.  (Table 10-2), leading at least one group of investigators to refer to CF as a syndrome rather than a disease. 
    Initially described in 1933, CF was first thought t be the result of a vitamin A deficiency in children dying with coliac disease.  In 1938, the term cystic fibrosis was coined because the pathologist mistakingly thought the changes in the pancreas were true cysts (fluid filled spaces lined with normal tissue).  It is well known today that the "cysts" of CF are in fact a dilation of the pancreatic functional unit (acini) with atrophy (shrinking) of the lining tussue.  In 1952, the fact that congenital CF occurred in a significant number of CF patients was established.  The foundation of the genetic theory of CF transmission is based on the frequent congenital appearance and two very poor papers, one published in 1913 which claimed that two children with diarrhea had an "inborn error in fat metabolism" and one in 1965 that did an empdemiological study of a group of 232 Australian families with CF.  Despite six sets of twins, the study failed to shed clear light on the proposed genetic theory.  These papers were so poor that they would not get past the letter opener at any "orthodox" medical journal today.  We have spent an inordinate amount of time on CF because this syndrome again demonstrates very clearly that if any medical specialty will be eliminated by discovery, that discovery will never be given to the public by the "orthodox" doctors!!!
    In 1978, the first universally accepted diagnosis of CF in a laboratory animal was made by one of us  (Dr Joel Wallach).  The diagnosis was based on characteristic CF changes in the pancreas and liver in baby monkeys and were confirmed by CF experts from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Emory University and the University of Chicago!  Experts from NIH and the CF Foundation were overjoyed  –  that is until they learned that one of us (Dr Joel Wallach) could reproduce the CF changes with a congenital selenium deficiency in almost any animal species.  With this revelation, Wallach was fired with 24 hours notice and "blackballed" from research (to show you how ruthless they are, Wallach was fired ten days after his wife died of cancer).
    It has been learned recently that the positive "sweat test" is the result of an essential fatty acid deficiency that causes a secondary deficiency of "prostaglandin" (very short lived hormones) that control the sodium, chlorides and potassium levels of the sweat!!!  Rememer the talk by the distinguished anthropologist, Dr Johnathon Leaky, Sr. who said "the more facts you have, the better the truth you have". 
    The prevention of CF has been accomplished in pet, farm and laboratory animals by the veterinary profession by assuring adequate levels of selenium and essential fatty acid nutriture to the preconception, pregnant and nursing mother.  This is not as easy as it sounds because of malabsorption problems (i.e., celiac diseases and Crohn's Disease) in a percentage of women!!!.   All things being normal, a supplementation of 200mcg selenium per day and 5 gm of flaxseed oil t.id. would be adequate to prevent CF. 
    Treatment of CF is very basic.  Treat the infant as early as possible with selenium IM as 10-25 mcg per day.   Plant derived colloidal minerals may be used orally thereafter.   Provide 5mg of flaxseed oil orally tid.  Most importantly  you must determine if the infant is allergic to wheat, cows milk or soy.  If you do not correct the malabsorption problem, treatment will only be minimally effective. 
    In the case of older cystic fibrosis patients, IV essential fatty acids and IM selenium provide excellent management leading to a normal life expectancy of 75 years. 

    Compare this approach to the heart and lung transplant offered by the "orthodox" pediatricians!!!   If the proper treatment is carried out, the typical CF lung disease will not develop.  The lungs of CF patients are normal at birth and only develop bronchiectasis after chronic essential fatty acid and copper deficiencies have taken their toll.    Remember the base line nutritional supplementation here.

  3. i'm 23 and my weight 151Lbs or 69.1kg slowly getting to my end goal is 80kg or 176Lbs
    i'm 6.1 btw and yes i have cf obv lol

  4. I also have cf and as a junior in high school I was 1st string on the varsity football team but I always had so much trouble with my weight. I'm now in college and just going to the gym and trying to bulk up and I'm glad I found this video. I feel like it will help a lot

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