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Gut bacteria and weight loss: Mayo Clinic Radio

Gut bacteria and weight loss: Mayo Clinic Radio

Gut bacteria and weight loss: Mayo Clinic Radio

Dr. Purna Kashyap and Dr. Vandana Nehra, both gastroenterologists at Mayo Clinic, share the findings of their research on how your individual gut bacteria may affect your ability to lose weight. This interview originally aired Sept. 1, 2018.

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  1. Thanks so much for the video – the information provided is most helpful. I've been on the fence about whether or not to take probiotic supplemets  – the direction provided is greatly appreciated.

  2. "But transferring gut bacteria is an easy way out" yeah its because these doctors want people to stay obese so they can make money. Find a way to transfer gut bacteria and the whole weight loss industry would crash.
    I can see through their lies

  3. they don’t want to say that you can heal your gut yourself through diet. this hospital is a joke. take care of your health

  4. "The participants who did NOT lose weight, not only had a different type of bacteria but a bacteria that was MORE efficient at extracting energy from their diet" !
    So,… Fat people extract nutrient & energy from food better so require LESS food ?

  5. If you eat bad of which 90% of fat people do, then they have grown the bad bacteria that feed on crap and so by eating clean the bad bacteria won't be able to burn any calories. It takes time to convert to good bacteria. You didn't get fat over night so you shouldn't expect to become thin over night either. It's a life style change that over weight people need, not a diet. Cut out the carbs and any processed junk!

  6. Nothing new discussed. Why are they there to discuss only one aspect of an unsuccessful theory. Why not continue to identify the strains and do some more human tests before joining the panel with valid data?

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