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Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Timeline Calculator : Can I Eat KETO if I’ve Had Bariatric Surgery (200,000/Yr)

Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Timeline Calculator Video

Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Timeline Calculator

Can I Eat KETO if I’ve Had Bariatric Surgery (200,000/Yr)

Can I Eat KETO if I’ve Had Bariatric Surgery (200,000/Yr)

So many people who have had bariatric surgery (gastric bypass/gastric sleeve) think that it is impossible for them to enjoy all the benefits of the ketogenic way of eating. This assumption is wrong, they can and they should eat keto if they’ve had bariatric surgery!

All of the bariatric surgeries cripple the guts ability to absorb nutrients. This malabsorption is present whether you are eating the worst S.A.D. or the best keto diet. Over 200,000 people undergo this surgery each year.

Please share this video with anyone who has had gastric bypass surgery and has gained back all or most of the weight they lost.

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  1. Had RNY in 1999. Lost 105lbs. Two years ago, I had gained back 60lbs due to inactivity thanks to a herniated disc. At that time, hubby went on keto after he had a heart attack/got 4 stents. I joined him on keto a year ago. Best decision ever. I’m down 57lbs. When I hit my goal weight (5lbs to go) it will be -62lbs. I have done 16/8 IF occasionally. I take my vitamins & minerals daily. I love keto, never had any reaction with fat intake (no gall bladder). My back no longer hurts and hubby’s cholesterol is down 200 pts. Thank you, Dr Berry, for your continued support and genuine info on the keto lifestyle.

  2. Had my rn.y in 2007. Since then, I gained back about 50 lb. I've lost 30 of them now with keto and intermittent fasting. Having any carbs in my diet makes me hypoglycemic. I also can fast 24 hours with no problems. I'm not sure why the doctor says you can't eat just one meal a day, I have no problems doing that if I want to. all my labs are good, and I'm losing the weight gain at a slow but steady rate. Plus I feel great! I still take all of my supplements too.

  3. I had the gastric sleeve 9/6/2017. Let me just say that your success in weight loss and maintaining that weight loss is up to YOU. Bariatric surgery is only a tool to help you in losing the weight. There is no guarantee that you’re gonna keep it off ESPECIALLY if you go back to your old way/habits of eating. Some people think it’s a magic wand that is waved and poof the weight falls off and stays off forever. NOT TRUE WHATSOEVER. Some think this is an easy way to lose weight. ALSO FALSE. If you think having major surgery and enduring a mental/emotional battle over food for the rest of your life is easy, then you are ignorant.
    Like I said, your weight loss success and most importantly keeping it off is totally up to you. Bariatric patients have to work to lose the weight and also work to keep it off. This is what I think people (both Pre Bariatric and non Bariatric) don’t understand. You will certainly understand Post Bariatric!!

  4. I'm eating 1 meal a day at a 22 hour fast. I have roux en y gastric bypass 5 years ago. I have modified my intake of minerals and such. I'm just beginning to do keto so more videos like this is so helpful.

  5. I had VSG surgery. I was 420 lbs went down 160lbs. I gain 60 lbs back because I had 4 surgeries back to back. I wasn't able to exercise. On February 27 of this year. I lost 25 lbs. I'm kinda stuck at the moment.

  6. Good to know this. I had my surgery 5/22/19. I'd like to follow Keto. I have been researching what is the best long term option for optimizing and maintaining my weight loss.

  7. I had GB on 12-10-18 (less then six months as of the time of writing this). I did low fat/lower carb/higher protein and I was losing about a pound a week (on average), with multiple weeks of nothing. I went full keto and lose about 3 lbs a week (some even 4 or 5). At no point did I ever fully break my diet (had no bread/pasta/junk food/etc) since about three weeks before the surgery till now. Never planning on going back. I would never try fasting after that surgery, but keto has been amazing for me.

  8. Bariatric surgery is not only a surgical procedure to lose weight. But as per you need to cut part of your guts the carbohydrates get direct into your blood, it triggers the insulin and I had occasions where my glucose got at 40 and I dropped almost dead. I didn't gain any kg but I have dumping almost every day. It's why I'm looking to start keto diet. I don't believe fasting can cause any issue for bariatric as it has nothing to do with the digestive system.

  9. I had RNY 1 year ago. I've lost 180 pounds but now I'm stalled and I want to still lose. I started carnivore 1 week ago and have lost 5 pounds. Your channel is wonderful. I seem to have no issues with fat. I don't fast but I just have a bulletproof coffee for breakfast. Today I had bacon and eggs for lunch and a steak for dinner.

  10. I had the bariatric surgery with the ring around the upper stomach on 25th July 2012, the day before the London Olympics started. After a year of prepping lies, the surgeon told me, after I signed the papers, that only 25% succeeded in this type of surgery. So, would I or anyone waste one year of our lives, filling ourselves with hope, if we knew we were going probably fail? On the day of the surgery I weighed 116kg = 255.2lb. I lost weight only on the first month. Since then it has a been a daily battle even to lose 1lb. This morning my weight was 120kg = 264lb. And on top of it, I have this plastic thing stitched on my stomach. I've been introduced to you Dr Berry this weekend, I've never done keto before, so I'm new at this. I'm enjoying your videos very much. Hope it'll lead me to the success I've been looking for since 1985, when suddenly I started putting on 10lb a month for nor apparent reason. I stopped the birth control pill just before, and the GPs told me it had nothing to do with it. And of course when years later I discovered bioidentical hormones, they are forbidden (that the verb used by the doctor) in the UK.

  11. RNY gastric bypass alters stomach acid production so is carnivore safe to do after RNY gastric bypass? I am 3 years post op and I have been doing keto successfully, but would like to try carnivore to see how i feel.

  12. This is exactly what happened to me! I didn’t get my weight under control until I started eating low-carb in 2014. I am now basically carnivore. My weight is good! My health is good! I suffered TBI/emergency craniotomy/massive stroke that year. I think the decision to go low-carb was the best thing I could have ever done for my healing brain and body!

  13. Thank you so much for this video. My husband lost 300# on Roux n y bypass surgery. Promptly lost his gallbaladder. Later, he had a blocked bile duct which the surgeon screwed up so bad he almost died (about 6 yrs later). He now sports a scar both on his stomach and on his psyche. He hasn't regained weight, but he's been without energy for quite awhile. I've had amazing results on keto; weight loss yes, but far better than that I have my mind back, and my over all health. He has considered joining me, but has been afraid to go for it. Listening to this, he's not afraid now and neither am I. (Fortunately, unbeknownst to him, he's been eating low carb and keto for quite a while now, easing him off of a few things will be easier for him than most). Thank you most sincerely for clearing this up.

  14. Thank you for this video. 20 months post VGS surgery,stuck St 115# weight loss have 50# more to lose and am stuck and starting to gain and still have secondary issue inflammation joints, thyroid dose is unregulated now. No longer have thyroid gland or gallbladder. Going on the Keto in hopes of addressing insulin, resistance, inflammation and helping liver convert T4 to T3,for better thyroid issue management.

  15. What would be the best macros for a bariatric patient? Since surgery(I'm 3 weeks out), my carbs Are already low, and I was doing keto prior to surgery. What should I be looking for as far as how much fat and protein? I'm still in ketosis, and I want to stay in ketosis lol.

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