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Gary Whose Line Weight Loss : Why We Get Fat: Diet Trends and Food Policy

Gary Whose Line Weight Loss Video

Gary Whose Line Weight Loss

Why We Get Fat: Diet Trends and Food Policy

Why We Get Fat: Diet Trends and Food Policy

Gary Taubes, Science Journalist and Dr. Christopher Gardner, Associate Professor of Medicine and the Director of Nutrition Studies at the Stanford Prevention Research Center, November 27, 2012

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  1. Gary I saw your blood work test results. Guy you are acidic and you are on your way to lose kidney function to much for the healthy animal protein.

  2. The speaker in the orange shirt probably has a high levels of calcium score. The diet study he did he only talks about weight loss on both groups, but he does not talk about blood markers, insulin levels and inflammation markers.

  3. We can get fat by taking seriously what Garry Taubes has to say, it is like believing that pigs can fly. This clever man has found a very good way of making money, but it is driving the believers to years of illness and an earlier grave. If you want to avoid both watch PLANT POSITIVE.

  4. Why so much embarrassment on low carb with high good fat which so many have experienced major weight loss in weeks not years. Gary is a true scientist who does not want to push any agenda, because science will always stay to be a seeker, never a believer, committed to bias.

  5. why don't they start by telling the truth. Spiking insulin all day long is going to cause disease and obesity and sugar and carbs make you hungry. Why would anyone that works for the govt or healthcare or pharmaceutical companies try to make people healthy? there's big business in disease. It's sad that we can no longer trust the medical establishment. Forcing everyone to take the flu shot (for money) is another reason for the distrust. We are on to them now. Thank God for the internet. Basic biology is what I go by. Allowing the stores to sell garbage and remove all the nutrients from the "food" is another. Common sense is GONE.

  6. So everyone who responded on Gary T.s side ALL THESE YEARS LATER . . I KNOW u see the truth of Christopher Gardner’s KNOWLEDGE and the hollow babbling of this Gary whoever

  7. If you find it hard to follow Gary Taubes' information because there is so much information to take in, then check out what Dr. Jason Fung has to say. Dr. Fung is a Canadian nephrologist and a world-leading expert on intermittent fasting and LCHF, especially for treating people with type 2 diabetes. His videos are all over YouTube.

  8. When I was a child we moved into an apartment below a woman who had a new born baby. She followed the teachings of a scientist from the 1920 s who believed that baby's should be like machines and needed exactly 8 oz every 4 hours. We listened to that poor baby cry for 2 out of every 4 hours. My mother tried to explain that babies were not machines. Thankfully this barbaric practice is gone.
    Hopefully the barbaric practice of reciting calories in and calories out will someday go away. It has been proven wrong over and over again, in many studies.
    I once asked a women who looked like a walking skeleton why she did not eat more fat to gain weight. She had tried it for a week at the suggestion of her doctor. She lost 10 pounds. The only way she could stop weight lose was to eat lots of carbs.
    I stayed fat on 1200 low fat, high fiber,whole grain diet. Now I eat high fat, no grain diet and have not only lost weight, but am healthier at almost 60 than I was at 30.

  9. Let's talk plain and simple the reason people get fat is because of FAT that's your fried fast foods, all thoes sausages etc bread milk organic has less impact on our bodies, a good walk in the day is fine but the main culprit is what I've just said, they can beat about the bush organic is always best but more wholegrain crispbreads along with eating magority of veggies, fruits and nuts will get you trim again, forget starving yourself or working out to exsaustion that's bull it's all about portion size and what your consuming and believe me you don't need to spend lots of money or work out hard at the gym or starve , I must make videos to help people💚as there's too much crap going on

  10. obesity is a calorie energy surplus solved by eating less, but Gary's right. too many simple carbs, among other things, can elevate insulin, which shunts sugar into the cells from the blood. that turns it into fat and also keeps the body from effecting lipolysis (converting fat to sugar for energy). this produces both hunger (more calories), and lethargy (low energy burning). still, if you fast intermittently and restrict calories, your human growth hormone will skyrocket, which is lypolytic, and ghrelin too, and insulin will drop. you will burn fat and don't mind what they say about "starvation mode". that's nonsense, but when you eat less, get your nutrients, in concentrated form, protein supplements and fruits and vegetables. also exercise, specifically resistance and intensity training. a thousand calorie deficit per day for a week is 2lbs per week loss, and think of the brain power increase! human growth hormone! deep changes. immune strengthening. too bad that carbs are a staple of vegetarians . I love steak but I don't want to be cruel to animals, but honestly nutritionally, Taubes is right. no sense losing weight, or fat weight, without also gaining muscle. I also notice this veg guy is kind of goofy, effeminate. I should know, I was like that. I am happy with my current path in many ways. no more distance running, no more carb loading low protein diets, although I'd prefer to minimize animal product consumption. but testosterone and growth hormone, naturally. no more visceral fat. be awake and aware in your body and brain.. and belly

  11. Gary Taubes needs to put down his German history books and newspaper articles from the 1950s and go out into the real world. He should consider taking a trip to Asia and other parts of the world and preach a sermon about the dangers of rice and soy to the lean populations that eat such foods and see what type of reaction he gets.

    He should also visit parts of the U.S. The U.S. is a prime example of a country where poor people have a high rate of obesity and it is a result of consuming excess calories. It is not a mystery that people who are poor become obese. Taubes thinks they become obese while essentially starving and cites a low quality study of Trinidad women in the early 1960s. He blames carbohydrates for supposedly making people obese while they are supposedly starving.

    In this video, he says he fully believes that one apple a day prevented any weight loss in a participant of the DuPont study and that the same person lost tens of pounds of weight easily without the apple. Why does he so readily believe this? Someone who appeals to science should at least be skeptical of such a claim from an old study. If someone said that one teaspoon of fat per day made it impossible for them to lose weight and that they lost tens of pounds of weight in 6 months by removing the teaspoon of fat, would pro-fat Gary Taubes believe that too?

    Go ahead with the NuSI study, Gary. See if the apple or teaspoon of fat claims can be substantiated with actual carefully controlled science experiments. With any luck, the $40 million from billionaire John Arnold to fund NuSI will show it to be true.

    Good science results can come from NuSI studies if they are properly conducted and interpreted by rational scientists. Like the many carefully controlled diet studies that have been done previously by various scientists where energy budget was carefully monitored, the NuSI studies are likely not going to be in line with the far-fetched notions of Taubes.

  12. I had a personal experience at the age of 26  We relocated to some corporate housing in San Diego where he had a new job but I just quit my old job to go with him and I wasn't yet working, and we were walking around our new neighborhood.  In my travels I learned there was an arcade near our house where there was some sort of contest to win a prize  There was a big rectangular fish tank full of M & M's candy and the person who guesses most closely the number of candies in the tank wins the candy. So, my husband spent forty minutes and carefully counted the individual candies in the vertical row, the horizontal, the depth and he calculated it all out to make an educated scientific guess …. and he won  So there was suddenly all this candy in our walk in closet and I filled a bowl and placed it on a coffee table in front of a television set.  After he left for work, I settled in to watch television, and began snacking on the candies.  This went on for three weeks, a few candies here and there, nibbling throughout the day, and I gained so much weight so fast, I couldn't button my pants!  I learned that the ideal weight gain food is sugar combined with calorie rich cocoa butter. Perhaps I had been previously misled to think the worst food anyone could eat might be bacon grease, but I came to know it is the combination of pairing sugar and fat calories.  I have heard of people slowly and steadily losing weight on a low fat low calorie diet even when they ate sugary yogurt.  I have heard of people losing significant weight on a low carb diet.  I have even heard of people lightly trimming their weight just by cutting out sodas and desserts. I have heard of people losing weight of phentermine fenfluramine.  I have heard of people water fasting and not really losing all that much weight  However, I am convinced the lack of insulin production definitely has something to do with the metabolic process of weight loss, and anabolic steroid abusers have discovered this- they take non prescribed injectable insulin to bulk up in the gym.

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