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Gary Whose Line Weight Loss : Wayne Brady On Drew Carey's Weight Loss | Larry King Now | Ora TV

Gary Whose Line Weight Loss Video

Gary Whose Line Weight Loss

Wayne Brady On Drew Carey's Weight Loss | Larry King Now | Ora TV

Wayne Brady On Drew Carey's Weight Loss | Larry King Now | Ora TV

Larry King interviews Wayne Brady. Improv comic, host, & actor Brady discusses his friendship with former “Whose Line Is It Anyway” costar Drew Carey & how life changed for Carey after his dramatic weight loss.

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Wayne Brady is an American actor, singer, comedian, & television personality. Brady was a regular on the American version of “Whose Line Is It Anyway,” an improvisational comedy television series, & won Primetime Emmy Award in 2003 for “Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety, Musical, or Comedy Series” for his work. He was host of daytime talk show “The Wayne Brady Show,” original host of Fox’s “Don’t Forget The Lyrics,” & currently hosts the 2009 revival of game show “Let’s Make A Deal.”

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  2. I thought Brady was gonna say that he couldnt make jokes about his weight anymore

    But then again he still makes bald jokes for Collin

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  4. It's heartwarming how Wayne talk about Drew. He is just so happy for him 🙂
    Oh and I just love the colors of this video, the foreground, the background. Everything is so nicely stylized there.

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