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F(x) Luna Weight Loss : F(x) Luna Extreme Weight Loss 2009 – 2019 (Full)

F(x) Luna Weight Loss Video

F(x) Luna Weight Loss

F(x) Luna Extreme Weight Loss 2009 – 2019 (Full)

F(x) Luna Extreme Weight Loss 2009 - 2019 (Full)

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F(x) Luna was body shammed for her weight during debut, and after she lost weight she got body-shamed even more. Luna is now stuck in an endless cycle of dangerous dieting.
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  1. I'm actually furious. Luna is highlights one the most talented girls in SM! Her dances skills are sick and her vocals are so wide and powerful! I hate how people even SM sleep on her. Free somebody has a catchy tune. I watched the dance practice in low quality from another channel bc guess what again, Sm didn't upload it in HQ. Luna needs a catchy song and a nice choreo to make her rebirth. I just hope this f(x) eternal hiatus and SM drowsiness one her solo won't take her confidence down.

  2. First of all, I should thank you for making this incredibly detailed video on Luna's weight loss journey. It's actually so depressing that one of the most talented and hard working singers the KPOP community has ever seen is being treated like this by netizens. I can guarantee you that if she was more attractive by Korean standards, she would be releasing album after album pretty much like Taeyeon. Luna truly deserves more. She gives her heart and soul into every project she does.

  3. I've always knew she was talented, but after she released "free somebody" oh. My. God…she blew my mind, I wish she could go back to that concept and another solo, she didn't do well on sales but tbh that album is a masterpiece 💗💗💗

  4. unrelated, but she would look so good with a slight tan or fairy dust and knetz can perish. literally spent a decade harassing her? freaks. 💀

  5. Unpopular opinion but its time for fx to just disband so Luna can go full on 100% solo. Her and amber are the only ones holding on to the group and working too hard to be pushed aside.
    This waiting is killing fans and Luna is killing herself trying to stay relevant and get work.

    What's with all her body based jobs lately? Diet products doet shows bikini cfs.
    Gods sake Luna needs to be on immortal song, duest festival, sketchbook, masked singer, radio etc. Why are they wasting her talents?

  6. The people commenting are so horrible, I makes me so mad that they think they have the right to judge and have an opinion about her body. Nothing is ever enough…

  7. These people saying mean things most of the time they are not fit themselves and they are just looking for a way to hurt someone , she should not listen to them , she looks amazing .

  8. Luna being my bias, it just angers me with this situation around her appearance. I remember these Luna Alphabet episodes and at the time I saw nothing wrong with them. Looking back, I realize Luna is a master at convincing people she's okay. I mean, we don't know for sure, but there are a handful of signs showing she isn't. I wish I could do more than just stream her music and leave positive comments on her posts. I just want her to be happy with herself and know she has many fans who love her no matter what.

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