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WHY I WAS EATING 500 CALORIES A DAY for a MONTH | Lacking motivation + My Intolerances

Hello my beautiful viewers!

Soooo the TRUTH IS OUT! This is a hard video to post, partly because I didn’t mean for this to happen but also because I DON’T RECOMMEND DOING THIS. This happened because I was feeling low and unmotivated over the past month and hardly ate anything. It showed me how it is to go through an eating disorder, as this was something that I did for a month and I’m still struggling to start eating enough again.


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  1. Guys if your watching this video and thinking about eating only 500 calories or less a day PLEASE DON’T!!! I did this a few years back and i lost 35 pounds in 3 months. But once I reached that 3 month mark I became physically weak, my hair started shedding like crazyyyyy (I thought I was going bald) turns out my hair was falling out because of the low amount of calories I was eating. My hair legit shed for 6 months straight. It was so thin afterwards (google telogen effluvium it’s what happens after losing a huge amount of weight too quickly due to eating a low calorie diet for an extended period of time.) I allowed myself one cheat day when I was on this diet and I would go crazy with food until I felt physically sick. This was the start of a binge eating disorder that I still deal with til this day, 3 years later. A 500 calorie diet is NOT sustainable. Also the moment you go back to eating normal you will gain all the weight back plus more.

  2. Eating 500 calories a day does make you lose weight but you will not look athletic you will look after a few months a stick man. As an anorexic eating 500 hundred calories a day is actually part of the plan for 5 Days of the week then you drop down to 200 calories . To put in perspective you burn 2000 calories by existing ok . So now imagine an anorexics training regime . You don't want to know but if you do want to know go to my channel 😁.

  3. Fuck this is the first time someone has explained the shit I've been going through for 4 years basically (kind of on and off)

  4. I'm doing this for 2months. I feel fine. Neither do i feel weak or anything. I think if you 500 calorie a day just make sure you keeping carbs fats and proteins in balance. You will very hungry. Eventually i feel more better when i am hungry. Weight loss is easier.

  5. I’m going to be doing this, but trying to make it safer lmfao. Mainly because I’ve been eating horribly, and I almost cried in the mall because nothing at my favorite stores fit me, even in the biggest size. I’ve eaten 397 calories so far today, and it’s 5:29 pm. I’m going to try to have a good dinner and end up with 500 to 600 calories by the end of the day. I’m going to eat 600 calories so 3 days, then for 2 days I’ll allow myself to have a normal calorie intake, but only with HEALTHY foods and I’ve been exercising and doing stretches everyday. This is day 1, I’ll do updates if anyone’s curious. I hope this will help me. I used to be quite thin, but I’m slipping, like over 60 pounds slipping

  6. I eat around 400 to 500 sometimes even 300 calories everyday it's just because I dont really have any appetite to eat so ik it's not healthy

  7. …aaaaand the most important questions aren't answered!
    – the type of food those 500 cal came from. Soft drinks and white bread are very different from grilled beef and broccoli
    – zinc, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium? vitamines?
    – protein and fiber intake sufficient?
    If you fast just by stopping to eat anything, only tap water is allowed, you will get into trouble, that's for sure. Also, if those 500 cal come from convenience junk instead of nutrient dense real foods, well, you will get what you pay for.

  8. She wasn’t trying to trigger us guys. She was sharing a experience and telling us NOT to try it. Even if we eat like this we shouldn’t shame her for sharing what happened or what she’s done. Especially since we eat like this or worse as well

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