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Diet Coke Does THIS To Your Body In 1 Hour?

Diet Coke Does THIS To Your Body In 1 Hour?

Diet Coke Does THIS To Your Body In 1 Hour?

Here’s what Diet Coke can do to your body in 60 minutes.
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  1. Simple,calories in vs calories out. You don’t gain weight on diet drinks. Just don’t have anything else n you will not gain.

  2. I think Donald Trump is a great president I mean he is a HUUUUGGGEEEE !! !!! Part of how America is so great. And he’s gonna win the 2020 election stomping all the Democrats while toasting them with a Diet Coke !! !!!

  3. The suns bad for you everything’s bad for you i don’t give a shit if it’s bad at this point watching tv is bad for you walking around in ways is bad for you 🤣

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