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Deadweight Loss : Deadweight Loss, Consumer & Producer Surplus- Microeconomics 2.7 (Holiday Edition)

Deadweight Loss Video

Deadweight Loss

Deadweight Loss, Consumer & Producer Surplus- Microeconomics 2.7 (Holiday Edition)

Deadweight Loss, Consumer & Producer Surplus- Microeconomics 2.7 (Holiday Edition)

Welcome to ACDC Econ and my first holiday edition. In this video I explain consumer surplus, producer surplus, and deadweight loss. Make sure that you can see how each change when there is a change in the market. *Correction* The consumer surplus at 0:59 in the video is 00. (-) x 4000/2. It is a triangle!

Notice that deadweight loss happens whenever the optimal quantity is not being produced. This also happens when there are taxes or externalities. By the way, my wife, Paula, was the one throwing snowballs at me. We had to do it in two takes and I think she enjoyed it way too much.

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  1. @jacobclifford you're a good soul and the world needs more people like you, professionally and otherwise. Thanks a bunch for the video!

  2. i love him.. but why do i always have the feeling like they make it for 12 year old kids like? i take economics im not gonna find it funny if someone throws a snowball in your face

  3. Love your videos and they're very helpful, but dude pleeeeeease slow down. I get it that it's part of your schtick, but it's helpful to be able to understand the concepts without having to rewind a bunch of times. Especially for those of us who are tuning in as a secondary resource for a concept we didn't understand the first time we heard it in class (which I'm assuming is most of us). Not a knock. Just some constructive feedback and a kind request from someone who appreciates the good that you're contributing to the world. Thanks Mr. Clifford!

  4. Mr.Clifford, You're made me easy recall my memory.
    Some teachers do say but I wasen't so confident about it.
    You made it easy.Thank you very much for your support.

  5. i can't believe this video taught me the whole concept of PS, CS, DWL within 5 minutes that I couldn't understand for the entire lecture. You're just genius @JacobClifford thank you 🙂

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