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Cardi B Weight Loss Tea : Jameela Jamil Slams Cardi B’s Detox Tea Endorsement

Cardi B Weight Loss Tea Video

Cardi B Weight Loss Tea

Jameela Jamil Slams Cardi B’s Detox Tea Endorsement

Jameela Jamil Slams Cardi B’s Detox Tea Endorsement

After Jameela Jamil criticized Cardi B for endorsing a detox tea that Cardi claims helped her lose the baby weight, Roz Weston and Graeme O’Neil react during ET Canada Live.

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  1. I mean… tbh who the fuck is anybody to say its real or nah. 1) Have you tried it yourself? If not then you cant say that its fake or doesnt work. Onstead of outright criticizing everything, why not just fornulate your own opinion and testing it out for yourselves. Js

  2. Cardi has had breast and butt enhancement surgery… im 13 and I only recently learnt to not aspire to these fake bodies…

  3. Hey Jameela, you look really scared of those terrible men around you, how did you manage to leave the house feeling so afraid of them? 😕 idiot. Your fake feminism has put me off I won't be supporting anything else you do. Identity politics is an ugly thing.

  4. Detox doesn't make sense. Whatever you put in your body goes through the liver and kidneys so they're doing their jobs not whatever you eat or drink.

  5. Jameela is a hypocrite. She says it's unhealthy to use diet products but encourages fat people to accept themselves and their unhealthy lifestyle. I guess she doesn't really feel all bodies are beautiful, if she works so hard herself to stay in shape. Total fraud.

  6. I love Jameela, she has integrity and has built a nice career for herself. Cardi is just a stripper who got lucky, she lacks talent, manners and is just trying to scam her following, she’s no better than the Kardashians.

  7. “detox” isn’t a thing. If your liver and kidneys are healthy, they are doing that just fine. The rest is designed to stoke unfounded fears that your body needs some kind of extra help “flushing” things out, which is usually untrue and often harmful if you use products like the laxative tea which are not FDA-regulated.

    Jameela is a queen 💜

  8. Cardi only cares about money. She’s said it herself. People who promote this stuff need to cease and desist.

  9. I don't care what celebrities do with their bodies as long as you're taking good care of themselves and that's okay

  10. Female celebrities like kim and cardi have bodies that females want now so of course they are gonna listen to them when they promote this stuff. What Jameela is saying is right to me. I doubt these celebrities are actually drinking this stuff cause we never see them drink it.

  11. I don't care about the celebrities. I care about the young youth who are purchasing and drinking these teas that have laxatives in them. Taking laxatives is not healthy for you. Fiber is always recommended first and foremost before going for the last alternative. They tear up your insides, your butt, and only lead to you losing water weight which can be gained back in no time flat. Do not believe these dangerous scams.

  12. The arrogance of sitting on a show that image shamed people the questions how serious they’ll take weight loss pills

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