Weight Loss

Calorie Variation

Calorie Variation

Calorie Variation

Should you eat more on days you workout? Should you eat less on days you dont? The answer will surprise you!

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  1. Hey Scooby what do you think about Fitbit calories total for the day? Is it a good way to input a calorie deficit by subtracting from that total calorie number?

  2. Studies has proved that afterburner effect is a myth. If it was true, there will be no need for caloric deficit to get lean.

  3. Scooby, huge fan and I hold your advice above all others. Your view that intense cardio, 7 days a week, is the best thing you can do for your health, legitimises you as a leading authority and tells me that you are the real deal.

    I would like to know your thoughts on whether or not it's safe to go below 8% body fat. I've read that below 8% is considered "underfat" and can lead to a variety of health problems, for example a drop in testosterone levels and metabolism.

    I have personally found that the closer I get to 8%, the weaker, more drained and achy, I feel. I also tend to become slower, adding a few minutes to my 10k time.

    Not sure if this is because of the low bf% or if my weekly cut is just too drastic. About 26 months ago I weighed 333+lbs, I've lost about 175lbs and now at 6' tall I fluctuate between 158 and 163lbs on a weekly basis. I'm not interested in going below 158 because I simply don't feel at my best when so light, and I'm scared to death of gaining any of the weight back so once I get close to 163 I start cutting again until I reach about 158, then I'll enjoy another cheat meal, maybe some ice cream and a glass of wine.

    I still haven't found what I'm looking for, and don't think I will no matter how lean I get because of the loose skin and cellulite. I just know that if I'm starting to feel less then my best below a certain weight, it's probably not worth cutting further to simply try to get leaner. Especially since I know it probably will not aesthetically benefit me anyway.

    Your thoughts are appreciated.

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